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Friday, Jan. 06, 2006
Biz Wiz and Quiz

The web biz is taking a quick upturn; we've been asked to quote a monthly maintenance fee for one site I already built, and to quote for the technically-challenging site next week. I've got two more jobs already contracted and just waiting for the information and green-light to start.

I still love the web work and it may end up working out that I do that full-time, but for now we need a steady income. While the radio doesn't pay much, it does pay enough to keep us afloat and it's reliable income. I already talked to MC and we agreed that for the time being, money from the web biz will be partly reinvested and partly saved to cover other expenses. We're going to go through and make a real, honest-to-God budget, then I have to stick to it (WAAAAH!!)

MC's laptop has a dead hard-drive, something we need to get replaced. Fortunately you can get a hard drive for less than $100, even for the laptop. I figured he could use the PC for a while, but he pointed out that if we're going to build for money, we can take a laptop with the page sample and actually display it for a potential client before you upload.

That's just one of countless ideas he described to me that tell me the man's a biz wiz in waiting. He's worked for other people for a whole lot of years. While he'd done some web work before, obviously, he'd not really considered it a business until now. The second he did, the mindset flipped like a switch and he knows what he wants and how to do it. I'm more than happy to step back and let him have at it because frankly, I think he's got the skills, the know-how and the inspiration to do whatever he wants to do and to make it successful. There's very little overlap in our skills, which is the perfect scenario; between us, we cover pretty much all the bases.

Just a quiz before I go:

The Picto-Personality Test

You are a person who is very calm and kind. You go out of your way to help people who need your help.

When alone, you are introspective. You constantly reflect on your life and the world.

You are laid back. Anything goes, with you.

In the future you will be wise and healthy.

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