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Saturday, Jan. 14, 2006
Weekend With The Stars In The Eyes


I think I remember saying here before that MC enjoys shopping. What cracks me up is that he enjoys shopping more than I do. We drove to the Phoenix area last night to my sister's place, with plans to pick up some computer parts and to visit. We got what we needed for the computer and hit bookstores.

Lots and lots of bookstores, thrift stores, and so on. Now mind you, MC just collected about thirty books for free from the local Payson Library, which offers its overflow volumes for free or nearly free. He built a library of computer books, which is all well and good. Unfortunately we don't have a bookcase to house the books.

At the first bookstore today, he built on that collection. We bought new, overstock books and CDs for $1 to $2 per volume, spending about $24 there; next we hit a thrift store, where we found a desk chair to replace the one at home that's on its last legs. We gave a whopping $4 for that. We stopped, too, at a clothing store and made some purchases, and to Office Max to get some more writable CDs.

All in all today, we didn't spend a lot of money but got some pretty remarkable bargains. I bought I think three books for myself today - four if you count one that's a Chilton manual on the truck that I insisted on buying despite MC arguing that we didn't need it. (The original reason for finding it was to find the location of a small but crucial spot on the truck - but I figured if we had trouble finding that, more than likely we'd run across something else we needed to know.)

Fortunately the "argument" lasted a total of less than fifteen seconds and ended with everyone laughing. I think that's got to be some sort of record.

If you'll recall, I mentioned a couple of entries back that I was braced for socks on the floor, a euphemism for the comfort zone when the perfect behavior yields to a sense of being at home. Sure enough, the comfort zone has arrived. But for the first time, I think I like his comfort zone more than the "perfect man" mode. There is an edge of wicked humor coming out, which is just fine with me. And bonus points for the fact that he and my sis's guy hit it off right away, the two of them heading off doing the guys-only thing for a couple of hours this afternoon.

Both sis and I were sitting here, agape, then shrieking simultaneously, "I don't believe it!" We were both overjoyed, commenting how after so long we'd both dealt with men who liked no one, this situation was pure bliss.

While the boys were out playing, sis and I tracked and downloaded some music (legally - sis has a paid program) for MC, who had been looking for music from a fairly obscure folk artist and been unable to find anything. When we handed the burned CD to MC, labeled with the name of the artist, tears welled up in MC's eyes and he hugged us both.

I have been writing this piecemeal for a couple of hours but am going to go ahead and sign off for tonight. I hope everyone's having a great weekend. I'm certainly enjoying mine.

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