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Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2006
Computer Junkies Ride Again

I have been grossly negligent about posting here, but to be perfectly honest, it's been kind of crazy at home. (I mean more than usual.)

We ended up spending the whole weekend at my sister's house, rather than the quick overnight trip we originally planned. While overall this was a good thing, it meant we started the week more or less in a time-negative status. All the weekend stuff had to be postponed until this week.

Monday night was grocery night, which was pretty important considering that like Old Mother Hubbard, the cupboard was bare. Add to that the fact that I wasn't feeling especially well and that night was pretty well shot. Last night we had to head off to find a few odds and ends; among other things, MC needed a special screwdriver to change out the hard drive on his laptop. So we headed off to Home Depot to find an extra-long, extra-skinny screwdriver. While there, we had to perform obligatory drooling over various assorted and sundry goodies. Among other things, they had a 128-meg keychain usb storage drive for $6. We thought about buying it on principle - those things normally run about $30 apiece! In the end, though, we decided that since MC already has one, we don't actually need a second one.

MC's dad was a carpenter and we both love working with wood. Eventually we hope to build some things for ourselves, though we'll have to spring for some additional tools before we do. So that, too, was something we were scoping out while visiting the store.

Then we made a couple of other stops for little items we'd either forgotten on Monday night's trip or things we didn't discover we needed until last night.

Tonight, hopefully MC will have his laptop working again and we'll both be able to go online at the same time. For a couple of computer junkies, that's the ultimate in romance, hehehe. Well, okay, not the ultimate, but pretty far up there on the scale.

Unfortunately there's also laundry that didn't get done over the weekend. It'll be nice to get moved into the house, where we can throw a load in to wash when needed, rather than hoarding quarters for the laundromat and making it an all-night event. In the era of self-cleaning ovens and frost-free refrigerators, you'd think somebody would invent self-cleaning jeans, but nooooo...

Oh hush. I've always been domesticated.

I really am enjoying this relationship in ways I never anticipated. MC is a very well-educated man, but so self-effacing most of the time that when he comes up for air and exerts a bit of ego (generally played for laughs) it just makes me smile, rather than cringe like I have in some past relationships. We virtually always walk hand-in-hand whenever we're in public, and I can't tell you how many comments that alone has garnered. One shopkeeper yesterday remarked how you used to see that sort of thing all the time and it was such a pleasure to see it again. MC just smiles and assures everyone that for us it's a habit, and one we intend to maintain indefinitely.

I didn't think there were still men out there capable of that sort of thing, much less any happy to show that level of affection in public. But a lot of the comments we've gotten have been from men - so apparently there are a few good guys out there, after all.

MC still swears he's going to post an entry here, though when is anybody's guess. It's not so much that he's trying to evade a promise; he's just very particular about what he says and how he says it. In contrast, I throw out whatever's on my mind, good or bad. This is my cheaper alternative to therapy, minus the side effects of drugs and such. Works better for me, too.

MC is quite literate, though his style is different than mine. I have absolutely no idea what he'll say when he does. And that's the best thing about a guest entry, after all, isn't it?

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