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Wednesday, Feb. 15, 2006
Down And Dirty Data

Well, the wildfire didn't get me, but the computers did.

At the moment, BOTH of our computers are out of commission. I'd just taken MC's laptop in, thinking we'd be able to hopefully get it fixed and have two functional computers in the house so we could surf simultaneously. But nooooo...

The laptop will likely be fixed in the next few days, as it only needs a new hard drive. But the PC, my old computer, is probably gone for good. It stopped even posting, which is generally an indication that the motherboard is toasted. And I know that the hard drive is wheezing and on its last legs, too. Those two things combined are going to run me on the order of $250, if I get anything viable at all. Keep in mind that you can now get a Dell for $299 after rebate.

Okay, granted, I'm not getting one of Dell's cheapie specials, because I don't want a Celeron processor - but my point is that I could literally build a new PC for that amount of money or precious little more. (By the way, I have nothing against Dell computers, I just don't want a Celeron processor - give me either Pentium or, preferably, AMD Athalon.)

The timing, while hardly great, could have been worse. We at least won't be starving in order to pay for the repairs to the laptop, and we WILL have a computer at home within just a couple of days or thereabouts. Thank God.

Unfortunately MC lost a whole lot of work. We're hardly getting enough web business in to get rich, but we are getting a few small projects here and there. Sadly, we had one BIG job pending, and that's one that went down the tubes. The only saving grace is that I am pretty sure it'll be retrievable from the hard drive on the PC, so maybe not all of the work will be lost.

Yesterday the head of the local Economic Development Corporation asked us to submit a bid for their web support. Their former webmaster (someone I knew, incidentally) passed away just a few days ago. I know the agency's Exec Director from my news days; she is acquainted with my web-building abilities and yesterday walked into the studios here to ask me to submit a bid. It won't be a lot of money but what the heck; money is money.

Well, y'all, I've got more to say but my computer at work says it's done with its update and needs to reboot. If I haven't read your diary, it's not for lack of want-to. Hopefully by the weekend we'll be back online full-time and working.

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