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Wednesday, Mar. 08, 2006
Call It A Wrap

The snowman cometh.

And melteth.

When I started writing this after I got home from work, there were patches of blue sky visible. A little while before that it was sprinkling. When I got back to work at lunchtime today, though, this is what I saw:


A little later, looking through the back window at the studios, this was the picture:

Snow Back

Shortly after I took that photo, the snow was falling so hard I'm glad I wasn't driving. Visibility was awful for an hour or two. And yeah, the flakes were as big as they look in the first snapshot. I had forgotten what humongous flakes look like (except the ones that arrive on two legs -- those I've learned to recognize.)

Of course this being Arizona and this town being located at the mid range of elevation, it didn't stick around for long. I was surprised that it was snowing at all, given that the actual outdoor temperature was in the low 50's F, maybe upper 40's. Needless to say, the white stuff melted very quickly, though it was coming down hard enough for long enough that it was beginning to accumulate for a while there.

We're expecting more of this stuff through the middle of next week, too, thank God. As I mentioned in my last entry, Arizona is desperate for moisture. A big snowstorm like this can make all the difference in a couple of months when fire season begins in earnest. A few big snowstorms would be better. Whatever we get in terms of precipitation, it'll be much welcome.

I just hope that it doesn't get so bad I need snow tires or chains, though, because I don't have 'em and we don't have the money to buy 'em, not right now.

I'm also not into ice-wheel skating. You know what I mean: it's what happens when you're driving and hit a patch of black ice. That's what concerns me most about the conditions today, because it's gonna freeze tonight and with the streets wet, that means they'll be an icy mess tomorrow.

We've had a couple of more web projects thrown our way. We're still waiting to hear on the bid we put in for the government entity, though from a phone call a couple of days ago from the Executive officer there, I gather they're going through the bids and probably will be announcing the award shortly. In the meantime, we've got the TV deal (which may turn out to be bigger than we originally anticipated) and were asked to put together a spec page for a local ISP, plus another radio station. All in all, not too shabby for a company that hasn't yet done any advertising whatsoever. And for what it's worth, the TV deal includes free advertising for us, plus my boss gave me thumbs-up for some promotion on the radio station, too. (The radio is a non-profit so can't technically advertise, but we can build some name-recognition value.)

We also decided that asap we're going to file as an LLC (limited liability corporation.) I wanted to incorporate as soon as we could, anyway, for legal reasons. But I was thinking it'd cost us about $1500 at best. I found out with an LLC you can basically file the requisite paperwork online and get registered for $85, which is a lot more manageable right now. Then later on down the line it can be folded into a full-fledged corporation. Having that designation automatically gives you a little better level of credibility, plus it is a mechanism to limit personal liability. In theory I can't imagine any significant liability with building web pages, but you never know.

We've got the web hosting package going, and have pretty much figured out pricing, just have to get it posted to the website. But while my back's better, MC's not feeling well at all, so the actual web building projects are on hold for the moment. I do html and graphics. I am not as well-versed in the programming languages. I can do minor modifications on a php page or to javascript. I definitely can't build a whole new page in PHP or ASP, not even a specs page.

On top of everything else, this week has been even crazier at work than normal, and I'm dead on my butt. (I'd say dead on my feet but I'd be lying, since I'm sitting down to enter this.) Today immediately after finishing my regular air shift, my 10am guest arrived. So did my boss and my afternoon guy. I literally had to chase out my boss and the afternoon guy so I could interview my guest on the air. Only in radio could you tell your boss to go away and could still be employed! In that one-hour period between the end of my air shift and the time I was supposed to go to lunch, I ordered an RFI filter on the phone, performed a 20-minute interview, recorded a weather forecast, tracked down the answer to a billing question and loaded an update of the news from email to the on-air machine. (Our local newsperson records in the studio next door, then either burns his news to a CD and brings it to me or sends via email.)

Given the weather predictions, I'm working a couple of days ahead on scheduling. That way on the slim chance that it should surprise us and dump a REALLY big snowstorm on us, we'll stay on the air, barring a prolonged power outage. To the best of my knowledge we're still not connected to the on-site generator that keeps the other station going during an outage. We've got some serious battery power, enough to keep us on the air for several hours. We didn't go off during a four-hour outage a couple of months ago, so unless something massive hits we should be good.

Guess it's time to wrap this up. I promised MC I'd make some more oatmeal-raisin muffins so we'll have breakfast covered for the next couple of days, and I'd better get going on them so they'll be done and cool enough to put into plastic bags before bedtime.

Edited: Not making muffins tonight. I took the dog out and it was already nearly bedtime. So instead I decided to post the results of a quiz I took yesterday. I don't remember who I stole got it from.

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