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Friday, Mar. 10, 2006
No Business Like Snow Business

This should be an interesting weekend. We've been promised a real snow starting tonight, which is a rarity here, something in the vicinity of four to ten inches. And what sticks with me is the reference to the newswoman's slip on the air, when she asked the weatherman, "Where's that eight inches you promised me?"

Some days are just destined to bring out the sicko in you.

It's Friday, thank God. That means worst-case scenario, if Mother nature actually does dump stuff on us, I can camp out at home on the sofa and watch TV or in front of the computer. Provided that there isn't a power or cable outage to accompany the storm. In which case, it'll be cold as heck and we'll probably be a couple of blanket-and-comforter-swaddled blobs. In that instance, pictures will NOT be forthcoming.

Yeah, I know that for a lot of the country, you're shrugging and saying, "So what?"

There was a time I wouldn't have thought anything about it, either, and frankly people here aren't so much scared at the prospect as we are excited. We desperately need the moisture, though it would've been better if it had come earlier in the season and melted more gradually. As it stands, since the temperatures Sunday are supposed to be in the 30's and the temperatures Tuesday in the 50's (F), we'll get the snow and it'll melt all at once. Which probably will throw in the added joy of flash floods, but that's another story. Here's hoping it's enough to offset the fire danger this summer at least somewhat...

But for tonight and tomorrow the prediction is pretty much, "Y'all are getting a blizzard, and not the kind you buy at Diary Queen."

And I just love the people who call the studios not two minutes after I've given an update on the weather and after telling me they listen to us all the time, they ask, "Have you heard what the weather's gonna be like?" I try very, very hard to be polite through my gritted teeth when I point out that I'm giving the forecast about once every fifteen minutes. I don't bother telling them I just gave it. I tell them what they want to know and point out the obvious - that they don't need to be traveling in this stuff and if they do, to take all of the standard precautions: extra clothing, plenty of fuel, a few snacks to hold 'em together if they should get stranded, etc.

We get that all the time in this business, by the way. We can plaster something all over the airwaves but somebody is guaranteed to phone us and ask about whatever we just said. I mean, we are here to provide public information. That's what we do. But we report it on the air, so everyone can hear, all the time. If you want to know something and you aren't actually listening, we honestly don't have an obligation to tell you again on the phone.

Sorry, minor rant there. I don't mind talking to folks who call to say hi, the ones who call to ask for a song, etc. It does irk me a little when I have to drop everything to answer a call like that, though, particularly on a Friday, when I only work a partial schedule and all hell is breaking loose around me.

Wait, I forgot. That's normal for a Friday. Nevermind.

One of my listeners sent this in to me. It's a link where you can look up what song was number one on the pop charts on the day/week that you were born. Mine was You Send Me, by Sam Cooke. Yeah, I know that means I'm giving away my age. I don't give a rat's patootie. I'll tell you I'll be 49 years old this year. Big whoopity doo, hehehe. By the way, here's the link.

Well, like it or not, I've got to post this and move on to finish up my other things. I've been waiting on a download and some maintenance stuff, writing this at the rate of a few words... break to do something else... a few more words... break to do something else... It's all good, but gotta get back to full-attention work for the rest of the day.

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