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Saturday, Mar. 11, 2006
Our House is a Very Very Very Fine and Very Snowbound House

Short entry, tall order.

My house this morning The previous is a link with pictures.

We're up to a foot at 10:46am and it's supposed to continue like this until noon tomorrow. The original predictions of maybe a cumulative eleven inches have now been revised to twenty inches or more. (Hey, that's more than I can handle, lol.) We're also experiencing thunder snow and periodic power outages. Boss picked me up in his Jeep and took me to the radio station to record a weather alert that will run all day. My truck not only wouldn't make it, but wouldn't be permitted on the road at all. You gotta have chains or four wheel drive. And I'm guessing by this time tomorrow even those won't get the job done.

Most of the roads are closed across the northern half of the state. There's a Highway Patrol unit just outside our driveway. We're as far as you can go to the east of Payson. To the south, the road's closed. To the north, the road's closed. There is no highway going west from here. These are all major highways, not dirt roads or local streets.

The moisture is very welcome. The accompanying road conditions, likely power outages and other assorted fun isn't something I'm looking forward to but hey - comes with the territory.

However, I hope there are no prolonged power outages because we have electric heat. I am looking forward to moving; the house has a gas stove, the kind that'll work even if the electricity goes out.

While driving through this stuff today, my boss said the record snow here was ten feet, spread over a few days. There was 6.5 feet on the ground. We're nowhere near that. I think we'll live.

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- LeiLani, aka Radiogurl aka Bright Opal (1957 - )