Radiogurl a la Carte

Thursday, Mar. 23, 2006

Living and working in radio is a trip some days, and the rest of the time it's just nutzoid. There is a female radio personality living here in town, a woman whose voice is good but whose personality is right up there with Freddy from the Nightmare on Elm Street movie franchise. (Thanks pissymystic for that correction.) I had two people tell me if she's hired, they quit.

Apparently, however, she decided to tell everyone she's working here, so we've gotten phone calls for her at the studios. What she doesn't realize is that my team at this station is all about sticking together and clear communication. I know, I know - radical thought for the business of communication, but still... Everyone knows she's full of it and she's got about as much chance of becoming an astronaut to Mars as she has of being hired here. Everyone, evidently, except her.

Then sometime in the wee hours this morning, even before I got to work, some woman left a message on the answering machine volunteering that she wanted to apply for "the radio position."

I don't know if this person was part of the same attempt at mind games as the other character, or if this one managed to achieve the outer fringes of human sanity all by her lonesome. Even if we HAD an opening, I'm not going to hire someone who phones in the middle of the night and sounds half-tanked. (I mean, I realize how impressed the average HR person's going to be with a technique like that and all. It gives such a wonderful impression of you.)

People... I don't care if you're applying for the job of garbage technician, you have to use at least a little bit of brainpower. Antagonizing the management isn't going to help your case, and neither is gross stupidity. If you bring me a resume and present yourself with a modocum of intellect and respect, I'll keep your information on file and talk to you if and when we have an opening. If you take the moron approach, I'll be using your resume to light my barbecue.

Assuming I ever get a barbecue. But that's a story for another day.

Thanks to hcatty for this one:

Name / Username:

Name Acronym Generator

I thought it was cute, though I admit to being very easily amused when I'm sick and functioning on cold meds.

Also, if you haven't already been there, stop by and wish hcatty well; she just let us know she's engaged to be married! It's always so much fun to see good things happen to my Diaryland friends. Another person who deserves good wishes: starlight42, who recently discovered that she's expecting her first baby.

I suppose I'd better sign off for the morning. My voice is marginal today: I pre-recorded most of my morning stuff and let it run. I also prepared for possibly worse voice days ahead, pre-recording some things I normally do live. I can't get away from some things, like current weather forecasts - but I can minimize the amount of actual live talking and still keep the impression of being live.

Before - After

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