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Sunday, Apr. 02, 2006
Time Travel Can Be Dangerous

Who besides me thinks this weekend went ENTIRELY too fast? Raise your hands. Don't be shy, now.

That's 1... 2... 3... hundred... thousand...

Oh well. Unfortunately I haven't figured out yet how to talk the calendar into accommodating longer weekends and shorter workdays.

I suppose in a sense, some folks across the country actually have a shorter weekend, by an hour, thanks to the great Daylight Savings Time rip-off. I really have to say that I think DST is one of the worst ideas I've ever heard. It's supposed save on utilities and help with the whole winter blahs due to reduced light, yada yada yada. I find it supremely difficult to understand how losing an hour's sleep and having your body's internal clock rewritten externally is supposed to be such a good thing for the work force, and I don't know that I buy into the utility savings, either.

According to Wikipedia, there's a pronounced spike in the number of serious auto accidents and in lost productivity when the changeover happens, whichever direction the clock is moved. And the reason Arizona does NOT switch for Daylight Savings Time is that we actually use more power in summer for air conditioning than we do in winter for heating. When I was reading on this, though, I discovered that the Navajo reservation, in the northeastern corner of the state, does observe DST, just to complicate the issue further. Oh, and just for good measure, the Hopi reservation is actually surrounded by the Navajo rez. And - you guessed it - they don't observe the changeover.

It drives me nuts when it comes to cable schedules. Cable TV programming, other than the stuff on Arizona-local channels, changes an hour for DST. Which means what I normally watched at 8 on the Discovery or Sci-Fi channels now comes on at 7. But what comes on at 8 on Phoenix channels still comes on at 8.


Join the club.

Could be worse, though. Part of the state of Indiana had been off of DST and elected to become a part of it this time around. Unfortunately for everyone in that area who has a computer, their computer was programmed NOT to switch with the time change. That's in ADDITION to the accidents and lost productivity that will attend the switch. (Sucks to be you.)

Mind you, I grew up in Iowa, where the old institution was carried out every spring and every fall. And when I worked for Aromatic Ticks & Termites, we switched our work schedules to correspond with the rest of the nation, just for fun. So even though Arizona as a state doesn't observe the whole DST rigamarole, a few thousand residents do.

Whoever coined the phrase "perfect timing" would've had a coronary trying to figure this one out.

It should be irrelevant to me, other than the inconvenience of TV schedules, I suppose. I just hate knowing that people die needlessly because of something so arbitrary and pointless.

End of rant for the evening.

MC got slammed - again - by this bug. It seems to strike in waves; it'll recede, then come back, then recede, then come back. It's going on three weeks for him! I am spraying everything down with disinfectant and washing dishes in bleach water now in hopes that it'll help tame this stuff. I'm sick of it and I know MC is!

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