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Wednesday, Apr. 05, 2006
End of an Era - Or At Least of a Tale Or Two

Wow. An honest Microsoft employee.

The article is here. Basically it says, "Sorry, y'all; some junkware/viruses/rootkits are so bad that the only solution is to kill Windows and start over again." I've run into a few examples of that. What they DON'T tell you is that some of the nasties are so bad that even reinstalling Windows won't kill 'em. You have to use a hard-drive scrubber utility.

Anybody besides me periodically want to take a baseball bat to the script kiddies who are out to cause trouble just because they can?

As you may already have figured, I'm feeling substantially better today than I have in a while. My voice is still pretty scratchy, and MC was still feeling pretty crummy last night, but I think we're turning the corner. Thanks to liquid Vicks and a vaporizer, hopefully MC is feeling better this morning. I'd forgotten about the thing, even though it was sitting out in plain sight. (Still the best hiding place there is.)

Of course, Mother Nature decided on rain today. It poured overnight and was still raining this morning when I left for work, and still looks pretty gloomy at the moment. However, rather than being achy and icky like I've been for the past several rainy outbreaks, I'm breathing in the fresh air. Feels and smells pretty darned good! It's supposed to clear out by tomorrow and this weekend we're looking at sunshine and daytime highs in the 70's. We've got a wedding to attend Saturday (which is another story - more about that in a minute) at a resort near here. Should be gorgeous.

I can't remember whether or not I mentioned it, but one of the ladies I work with is marrying a guy she met online. Nothing wrong with that: MC and I met online, my dad met my stepmom online, my oldest son met his wife online, etc.

However, my colleague first encountered this man I think a month and a half ago (if that,) and they're getting married Saturday. THAT is certifiable nutzoid territory. I think he must have proposed to her the first time they met face-to-face. He moved to this not-exactly-bustling-metropolis from out of state, just packed up and quit his job, etc. I know he was applying for a job with the local schools, but haven't got a clue if he got it or not.

Before someone raises an eyebrow and says something about the pot calling the kettle black, may I remind you I'm not marrying MC within weeks of meeting him, plus we'd been corresponding and telephoning for several months prior to his arrival here. Furthermore, our relationship didn't turn to romance until AFTER he got here. There were also some pretty significant extenuating circumstances surrounding MC's decision to move here without a job and my agreement with the process. (Incidentally, Boxx asked me to clarify: "MC" is an acronym for "Mr. Complicated," which I can assure you is an accurate assessment of the situation.) He's working now - some days longer hours than I do - and while we've discussed the M word, we aren't jumping pell-mell into it.

Without going into all of the particulars, MC's living situation in Tucson had become physically dangerous. One of the roommates brought in an ex, a person who arrived with a history of incarceration for violent crimes and a supposed history of drugs that (surprise, surprise) wasn't actually "history." It took virtually no time for the situation there to become untenable.

Plus MC and I had been talking for a while in terms of a business affiliation: we were both doing web work but neither one really had enough, alone, to support anyone, and I didn't have the time to do what work I was already committed to do. So while technically speaking MC didn't have a job when he arrived, we did have the beginnings of a business. Those beginnings have since grown exponentially and gotten pretty darned close to full-time.

At this rate we expect him to be full time within another month or two. We're posting hosting prices on our site today and we are pretty sure we're picking up at least a couple of more accounts along the way.

I've got to get back to work this morning at the radio station, but before I go, I thought this was one of the more interesting news articles I've read lately. A couple of men have been arrested for entering Russia illegally. They got there on foot, walking - from Alaska. I guess the Bering Sea is frozen over and it's about 56 miles across the ice. The guys had visas for Russia, but their access point wasn't exactly an approved entry port. You can read the story here if you want the particulars.

I notice this morning that my paid subscription to Diaryland has officially ended. No worries. I'll still be updating, but I definitely can't justify the expense of renewing a paid membership here for right now!

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