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Sunday, Apr. 09, 2006
About Time

Well, yesterday was an interesting day and today an annoying one.

The wedding gift was resolved by going for what - to me - is an old standby. I made a gift basket. We bought a nice basket, bought some sparkling cider (because we didn't know if the Mister and Missus were drinkers or now) and a set of wine goblets; a scented candle; and I baked a loaf of homemade bread to tuck into the basket, and lined everything with a couple of simple but plush dish towels. The bread was literally out of the oven five minutes before we left yesterday morning.

The gift definitely went over well. In fact, several people commented favorably on it. This was a fairly small wedding, granted, with fewer than twenty guests, and most of us work in the same office. One of the bosses there quipped, "Oh, I forgot to tell you, Tuesday is homemade bread day at the studios!"

I didn't get time to snap any photos of the gift basket before we left. You'll have to take my word that it looked good and smelled good. And as a bonus, the basket I found was the perfect size for a picnic basket, including handles - something for which the bride and groom expressed additional appreciation, since they said they'd already planned a picnic and didn't have a basket for it.

Holding HandsIt was a nice ceremony at a local resort - gorgeous location, the weather was perfect, and the couple is attractive together. I didn't realize that he has actually not even moved here yet. He applied for a job here but doesn't know whether or not he got it. At least we found out a little of why they are moving so fast. He lives now in a town of about 200 people and he said the vast majority of those are retirees. Plus he lives several miles out of town, apparently a heck of a commute. So I gathered he's been alone for a very, very long time and figured this was a "now or never" situation.

Not sure I think that's justification for getting married so quickly even so, but at least it does clarify a little.

The luncheon following the ceremony - oh man... what a hoot. Things began with a champagne toast and went nuts from there. One of the bosses and his wife were the life of the party. Hoo boy... I know never to tell THEM any secrets, but I also can't remember when I've laughed so hard. And to be fair, they told as many stories about themselves as about everyone else. 99 percent of the stories were risque. The rest were worse than that.

MC was having a blast throughout all of this. He finished off his champagne and most of mine. I only had two or three sips, since I knew I had to drive and I'm about as lightweight as you can be when it comes to something like that.

Bridal BouquetsAs you can see, I posted a couple of the pictures I took - eliminating the ones that have photos of the actual couple, since I don't have their permission to post their pics online. The ceremony itself was held outdoors, as these photos show:

MC and I have both been fighting some stupid upper-respiratory ick for weeks - and finally have come to the conclusion that it's got to be allergies. We both did a significant change of climate when we moved here. MC switched the cold meds for allergy tabs today - here's hoping that makes all the difference. I know he's sick of this stuff and so am I. I assumed that the achy sniffly congestion was a cold, forgetting that some allergies create virtually identical symptoms.

And sorry, Boxx, I had planned to post a picture of MC but he reminded me why he DOESN'T want his picture online right now. I honestly think it's kind of overkill, but I do understand and respect his wishes. So for the moment, no MC pictures. He said it was okay to post them but only to a private diary... which this isn't. And since I deleted my private diary on, I guess that puts things on hold.

Our Internet service has been down since lunchtime and didn't come up until just a few minutes ago (it's after 8pm our time.) I had hoped to get a lot accomplished today. (HA!) I did make some raisin-oatmeal muffins this morning and got the laundry done. But after I wrote the bulk of this I had the REAL breakthrough. With the Internet out of commission, I started writing - and came up with the last few chapters of the neverending story I've been writing for-EVER.

The sucker is not quite done but now it's just a few details! WOOHOOO!

Not quite as big a moment, but I also decided what the heck - since I've actually got comments on Diaryland, I'll use them. Took me a while to figure out how to format 'em and get 'em to pop up, but no more ads, hehehe. (By the way, NiciM, I now know how to format Diaryland comments, including the popup option.)

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