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Tuesday, Apr. 11, 2006
To The Moon, Alice!

Gee... Isn't science smart? Scientists are planning to crash a nice explosion on the moon. They figure it'll make a crater the about a third the size of a football field.

What could possibly go wrong?

Yeah, that's the ticket... Let's launch a massive explosive force at our nearest celestial neighbor, one with a stable orbit, and see if we can knock the sucker out of alignment either direction. Hey, not like we'd miss it if it crashed into the sun. Nah, I'm sure it wouldn't affect the earth to have its satellite ripped away. And if the man in the moon should collide with this planet - well, we really did need an extra continent. Or six. The extinction of the human race? Details, my dear, minor details. And even if the orbit does no more than wobble (if that,) I'm sure all of the crap we fling into space as a result won't matter, either.

Of course other foreign objects have hit the moon. It's got some humongous craters and has survived for countless eons despite them. I still can't help believing that an intentional assault on the lunar surface is just a monumentally BAD IDEA.

Then again, hey - we've screwed up our own planet pretty well. I guess it's only right that we extend our destructive glee to our nearest neighbor. Share the (exploitation of) wealth, ya know.

Thank God it looks like MC and I are finally getting over this monstrosity of a cold/allergy/whatever. I'm increasingly convinced it's allergies. We suspect we pinned down what was responsible, eliminated it, and voila! Both MC and I are doing better within 24 hours. We'll see if the inclement weather predicted for the weekend returns us to sniffling, sneezing, coughing lumps. If not, I think we can declare our de-allerginizing a success.

We finally got the business checks in the mail yesterday. You want to know the definition of a good day for me? Being able to open a checkbook and pay all of the bills on time, baby! I've had so few times in my life that I could do that, it feels like heaven. Add to that the ability to open an IRA and know that doing so won't require you to do without little luxuries like food and utilities and rent - we're talking pure decadence. My measure of success would probably appall people who have lived their lives by relatively normal standards - put something into savings for a rainy day, pay every bill religiously on time, etc. My first milestone? Making more than minimum wage. My second? Making enough that I didn't survive on food stamps. My third was being able to pay all of the bills - maybe not on time every time, but not worrying that I couldn't pay them. My fourth has been paying the bills, on time, and being able to look seriously at savings above living expenses.

Lest you think I'm kidding, I've seen a time in the late 80's when I was supporting a family of six on just barely over $400 a month (before taxes.) I've had to do it all myself, too - my kids' dad never held a job in all the years we were married. That would have been too inconvenient for him, having to get up and go to work and all that. He did manage for a couple of weeks now and then. His all-time record for the shortest time on a new job was I think two hours, but he did manage to hold one job for nine months - until I went back to work and therefore couldn't do the job for him any more. Well, he did sort of hold a job for longer - I'm pretty sure he was dealing. I just never saw any money for the deals he made.

MC is, like me, sort of a type-A-sideways personality. I call us that not because we work for the love of work: it's the cumulative knot of panic that comes from countless years of wondering if we'd starve or be homeless. We've both been through both of those experiences, by the way, which means there's no need to explain to the other why we push beyond reasonable limits and set aside basic needs from time to time without so much as blinking.

I should also clarify that despite the previous few paragraphs, I feel good about my life these days. I am living in a much more positive atmosphere, both at home and at work. I genuinely feel like I can trust my companion. We complement each other in virtually all ways. We've been living in the same house for nearly four months now and not only have we never had an argument - despite disagreeing - but we still LIKE each other. (What a crazy concept!) The business is taking off and I'm seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. And this time, it doesn't even resemble an oncoming train!

There's one nice little quirk of using Diaryland's comments vs using the ones from haloscan - you can use punctuation in the entry title and it doesn't go hinky on you.

But while I'm not absolutely sure who was sweet enough to buy me a membership, I have a sneaky suspicion and have narrowed it down to one of two. I already said something to one of the alleged culprits and will send a note to the other sometime today, if at all possible.

And as you can see, I'm still playing with templates. I still prefer the central-table layout, partly because I'm lazy but also because it should be equally legible, sans horizontal scrollbar, for either of the two most common resolutions - 600x800 and 768x1024

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