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Thursday, Apr. 13, 2006
Snark: Alive and Well and Living in Podunktown

Well well well... y'all know what they say about payback? Looks like it'll finally be the telcos' turn to bend over.

After the US Congress rolled over and told companies like Assinine Toejams & Titless that it was okay for them to limit bandwidth on a site-specific basis unless sites like Google pay blood money, turns out that some of those sites-specific are shrugging and saying, "Whatever, man." It seems that Google, which has a few billion dollars in spare change of its own lying around, is working on the formation of its own ISP. Along for the ride, Google's buddies Amazon and eBay are staring at the telecom dinosaurs and yawning, too.

Since, you know, Airheaded Titans & Toothy have shown themselves so business saavy over the past few decades and all. I mean, what investor doesn't appreciate losing a few hundred thou on the stock market because of the ingrained stupidity of a CEO they hired with a multimillion-dollar safety net. And if you have a couple of those lovely CEOs fiscally raping the business while screwing customers on the side, so much the better. I worked there and saw firsthand the hemorrhage of customers thanks to the brilliant moves of then-head-honcho C. Michael Armstrong.

I found several links on the issue and they all refer to the Google plan as speculation (for the moment.) Given that today I have declared it National Laziness Day, you're going to have to look it up for yourself. The stories I tracked refer to the company's hire of people with expertise at setting up a network, the job announcements being fact.

There's no "official" announcement yet, naturally. It's kind of like the Bush acknowledgement of the lack of WMD in Iran. The whole world knows it even if the White House is still scratching its groin, spitting its wad of chewing tobacco and grunting out how we low-lives are all so tragically wrong.

Like, whatever, man.

Back here in Podunktown, there were more elk encounters this morning. I mean, really, really more. This morning I saw probably thirty of the critters while I was en route to work, at various points along the way. At one point I stopped on the (otherwise empty) road and snapped a picture, since I keep ye digitale camera with me at all times. I am at work and therefore can't retrieve the images, but hopefully tomorrow I'll post them, provided they come out anything like clear.

I guess I should revisit what I wrote about MC yesterday. My reference to him as a wife wasn't meant as an emasculation. He's not remotely effeminate (which means I get the best of all worlds.) He just has espoused and then LIVED this radical point of view (at least for a man) that men should actually do their part in a relationship, and that includes his part at the house. I started to say it's been quite an adjustment for me - but I hope I never get so "adjusted" to the idea that I take it for granted.

After yesterday's lengthy epistle, guess I should keep this entry to a more manageable length and get my butt back to that awful "W" word.

It's another beautiful day in the neighborhood, potentially record-high temperatures, lots of sunshine. Perfect weather for after-work driving, if gas prices weren't approaching nosebleed territory. Gee, it's amazing how that happens whenever the Bushwhacker's Iranian stories aren't swallowed hook, line and sinker. Ya think they're related?

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