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Thursday, Aug. 24, 2006
A-Traipsing We Will Go

I was thinking I'd put my entry in this morning but no... it was yesterday.

So you get a new one tonight.

MC and I traipsed into town this afternoon. While toodling around to try and get the lay of the land, I got a call from the local newspaper, where I'd put in an application. I have an interview in the morning first thing. I'm hoping that the fairly remote location means there's a parity of genuinely qualified candidates for the job.

I'm way overqualified for this particular job - but that's fine with me, too. By rights that should make it simpler for me, and I'm all about simple, especially when it relates to a new job. The pay certainly reflects "simple," but the person who called me was downright apologetic and promised me that it's strictly a starting wage. Again, I can deal with that, long as it covers the basics. And it's such that in general I'll still work mostly Monday through Friday. Holidays probably off, since it'll involve dealing with several local businesses (though not in terms of sales, at least not directly.)

I've probably sent out five or six resumes in addition to applying for another six or seven state jobs. I'm also applying with the local school system, which has several jobs listed in the paper, including paraeducators. I am not sure, but I think that translates, "We really need a certified teacher for this and if we can ever get one we'll hire them, but in the meantime, if you can work a chalkboard, you're a teacher!!!"

Oh well. We shall see what happens tomorrow and see if anything comes of the state apps. I applied for some jobs in Tucson, which would be a long drive from here but doable - and would pay a whole heck of a lot more than anything local. However, the state jobs in Tucson include one I've actually done before. Plus MC really wants to live in Tucson, sooner or later. I'm not so sure - Tucson is up to about 800,000 in population and is comparable to Phoenix in climate. But hey, you gotta go where you can make a living, and any more, that's big cities or not at all.

We haven't given up on the brass-ring project yet either but could PROBABLY do that in addition to the newspaper job, since a lot of that's weekend-oriented. I'll let you know more once that's set in motion and once I know for sure it's okay with our partner in crime, who's a fellow Diarylander.

By the way - thank you so much to everyone who's sent hugs and encouragement and everything else under the sun. MC is boggled by the outpouring of generosity from DL. Now if I can just get his happy butt POSTING here, like he promised me months ago that he'd do!

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