Radiogurl a la Carte

Saturday, Sept. 30, 2006
Machine-Gun Entry

Short entry - and that ain't the half of it.

A lot done the past couple of days, including filing the paperwork on MC's divorce - which, as it turned out, is considerably cheaper here. We still have to pack out the papers for serving by publication but if I watch every penny, we should be able to do that shortly, too.

I've been fighting serious pain with my right knee - probably a combination of arthritis and old injury, but it's gotten bad enough that it's pretty much forced the issue of my losing weight. If I don't take drastic action it won't be long until I can't work, which would be a major problem. I broke down and bought some decent shoes, but that's a stopgap measure and I know it. Time to go back to Atkins and make it stick.

Also found and put money on MC's wedding ring, which I don't think he was expecting. One of the big boys of jewelry names was having an "OH-MY-GOD-I-CAN-GET-IT-FOR-HOW-MUCH???" sale, enough so that even on eBay I couldn't have come close to their price for anything remotely comparable. The expression on MC's face, however, was more priceless than anything the jeweler offered. He doesn't know how much I paid, obviously (I'm not THAT stupid!) but I think he wasn't expecting anything of that caliber. For that matter, I didn't figure I could afford anything of that caliber, myself, even paying it out.

Gotta go for tonight, though. Those aren't even all of the highlights but poor Rosie and Zeb are getting their turn at the 'net late tonight already and I'm not staying online any later, myself.

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In the grander scheme of things, no soul can truly be replaced. Each one of us has a place in the universal tapestry. We each contribute our own color and texture. When one thread is snipped too soon, it distorts all the threads around it. Other lives can unravel and tear. If the wrong thread is ripped away, the whole fabric of life becomes dangerously fragile.
- LeiLani, aka Radiogurl aka Bright Opal (1957 - )