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Monday, Oct. 02, 2006
Off and running. Okay... Off, anyway. Way, way off.

Sometimes Fate drags her feet. Other times she takes off in a horse and buggy. Lately, she's invested in an X-15, topping that sucker out at its maximum mach 6+. If we were buzzing along any faster, it would involve chemical augmentation.

I'm working my butt off, which you probably already gathered from the general length of my entries lately. However, my paucity of online time is also a case of trying to find a viable broadband provider.

There ain't no such animal as DSL here. Rosie told me she bumped into some Qwest employees a day or two ago and asked them if or when they'll offer DSL here. She said they literally burst out laughing and kept laughing for quite a while.

Cable isn't available here and won't be until a nebulous "sometime early next year... maybe... except maybe 18 months or so..." I walked into the cable provider in town and asked and that's pretty darned close to a verbatim on what they told me. So cross cable off the list, right out of the gate.

So that leaves satellite or wireless internet.

Let's see. Satellite providers want up to $750 for installation and equipment - up front - plus as much as $100 a month to provide half the speed of cable, which runs about $50 a month for Internet and $40 a month for TV. If you could get cable here, that is. (Actually you can get cable television here, just not Internet yet.)

Now do you see why we still don't have broadband? I'm still looking, mind you, but it's not looking very hopeful at this point.

Ahhhh... I got a lovely pseudo-PayPal phishmail tonight. I forwarded to PayPal so they can go rip the morons a new one. I just hope nobody else falls for their "dispute resolution" scam. This one didn't even bother to come up with a good fake domain at their fake PayPal login. Some of them at least use a subdomain or directory called paypal.

But I'm sure somebody'll be naive enough to fall for it and get ripped off for their trouble.

I just really feel bad for some of the elderly people who get rooked by scam artists. I put phishers and scam artists up there with child molestors and their ilk, because they're knowingly and deliberately harming people who may be mentally or physically disabled, or the elderly and feeble. Yeah, some victims are just stupid and greedy. But unfortunately, a lot are just unable to defend themselves against the slicker end of jerkdom.

The Internet is sort of a two-edged sword; just happens that one edge is rusty and pitted and pretty much useless.

I am also hoping that the poor excuse for a US government gets royally screwed for handing the keys to the 'net over to Big Business - AT&T and the other big boys of broadband. As a former employee of the former, I can honestly say I would have no love lost whatsoever if they went belly up once and for all. During the reign of terror instigated by Armstrong when he was CEO, the company morphed into a corporate version of the child molestor/phisher. The fact that it had their name on it, and a veneer of respectability, didn't keep it from stinking to high heaven.

I guess I should sign off for tonight. I finished up the work I brought home and figure I've monopolized the dial-up for long enough.

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