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Friday, Oct. 13, 2006
Friday Night And All Is In The Well


This week's been nuttier than your average fruitcake, topped off by the boss calling me tonight an hour after I got home because, you know, he hadn't driven me crazy enough at work.

Great googly moogly!!!

What IS it about me and the bosses who hire me, thinking they have to call me at home, on my time OFF, over the most idiotic minutae? My ex-ex boss from back a year and a half ago still emails or calls to ask how to spell words, for crying out loud. This boss is driving me bonkers with comparably ridiculous calls.

I think I actually do understand somewhat, even if it still makes me nuts. Boss now is from the same part of the world as MC, and has asked to meet MC, to the point of volunteering to take us out for dinner. It's a safe bet he hasn't done that with any of his other employees. I am pretty sure it's a case of raging homesickness that he's trying to parlay a business relationship into a personal friendship, but I think it's more MC's friendship he needs, if for no other reason than that he can speak his native language with MC. And if I didn't work for the man it might be okay. He's not a creep or anything; he just annoys the living crap out of me because he calls me for the most inane things you can imagine, repeats himself ad nauseam, yada yada.

Then again, the reason ex-ex boss calls me is that I'm still the closest thing he's got to familiy. Which in his case is pathetic, since he's got two kids and a brother with a family -- none of whom speak to him. He doesn't even have a clue where his kids are.

I did the chiropractor thing today, finally. Good move. Heck, thanks to the adjustment I can move again. I'm a little sore where he had to convince one of my ribs into the place where it belonged, but otherwise I'm doing much better all around. Amazing how having every single joint out of whack can mess you up.

MC has nearly finished up testing out a WYSIWYG editor for our websites - the kind of text editor that would allow our web clients to edit their pages online without knowing HTML. I've used some that are part of premade programs, but he's building this one that can be incorporated into existing sites we've built.

That's what I get for whining about him taking so long to build the pages. The actual building - the look, if you will - is pretty fast. It's finding and incorporating the appropriate programs and scripts that's the challenge, particularly when you're also trying to limp along with a shared dial-up connection.

Unfortunately the more I find out about satellite Internet the less inclined I am to pay the extortion fees start-up costs. They quote you $XX for installation - but go on to explain that it's another $XXX for the equipment and $XX per month after for half the speed of cable (or less.) All those X's for installation add up to about $500 no matter how you slice it, and monthly costs a MINIMUM of 150% of cable, and some more like 250%. And sorry, boys and girls, but I ain't got that kind of $$ to plunk down for Internet. So I guess for the time being we're stuck with dial-up. Darn it.

All right - time to sign off for tonight. We're going to head out for a walk, possibly grab a drink at one of the local watering holes, and pretend I don't have more work to do this weekend. Tomorrow's the gem and mineral show in the city, which we're planning to attend - and if I read gwtw's diary right, also a car show. I'm supposed to go to a candle party tomorrow at one of my co-workers' homes, and also have work to do on one of our customers' websites.

I'm considering resigning from this weekend and next week. Whaddya think?

On a more serious note, please go hug Wenchie. She had to put down her canine baby tonight.

EDIT: *Grumbling* I had to delete the private entry. It seems you can only have those if you're a Gold or SuperGold member and I can't pay for that right now. So if you go hunting for it, and can't find it, you will have to email me for the info...

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