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Saturday, Oct. 14, 2006
Rocky Day

Long day, short entry.

MC and I did our weekly traipse into town but wore out long before we did all we'd hoped to do. We did, however, discover a couple of significant goodies. While walking through the gem and mineral show, I picked up some unstrung freshwater pearls - enough to make a passable necklace - for $3.

No, they probably aren't top quality, but I'm not all that hung up on the quality anyway, given the cost of high-end pearls. I debated buying black pearls for the same price - dyed, of course, but still prett. I ended up sticking with an ivory hue instead, to go with a seraphinite stone I plan to use with them. I just can't decide if I want to try and put it directly on the string of pearls or if I want to make it a separate pendant. I'd prefer the latter if possible, but when I calculate the cost of a bail and what it would require to do that, I'm not sure but what I'll go back to the tune of, "Oh, but I think I'd like it put right on the string instead..."

(By the way, you can't tell a lot from that picture, but the patterns in the stone are very silvery and shimmering in the light.)

We also picked up one of those "government grant" books, or a version thereof designed for seniors. However, it also includes some relevant information on discounts and programs that apply to you even if you're under the "senior" age designation, and the book itself cost us a whopping 50¢.

For the first part of the day I did fine. We meandered through the outdoor gem and mineral displays and both MC and I commented that it was a lot of fun. Then we hit a regular store, with its unforgiving cement and tile underfoot, and within the hour I was barely hobbling around again.

Pain is most assuredly not my friend when it comes like that.

I did not attend a candle party with a co-worker as planned. By that time of day I couldn't even dredge up the oomph to say, "Ouch." I think about then I was sitting in the car while MC went into Wally World and a couple of other stores to pick up some of the things we needed, because my energy level was at about minus forty or thereabouts.

Come to think of it, I must be getting pretty close to that senior point. I certainly had a day of senior moments...

We were hoping to go to the car show today, too, but both of us ran out of steam long before we could even think of getting there. We have two or three places we ALWAYS go when we come into town, plus today we added a couple to the mix, and after working all week I'm dead on my feet after about five or six hours.

Still, it was a relatively good day overall.

By the way, MC made his call... and his ex's daughter wasn't there. He'll try again and we're both hoping we can get his divorce through and done and OVER WITH!

And somebody - I'm too tired to even remember who - said something about MC and my boss meeting. We're planning on that, but boss has company and we're up to our ears in a whole lot of projects right now, so it's got to wait a while.

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