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Monday, Oct. 16, 2006
Brought To You By The Bug

Some days you're the windshield, some days you're the bug. Today I was the bug, but MC was apparently the windsheild (and about damned time!)

MC finally got through to his ex's daughter - only to discover that his ex wants a divorce, having told her daughter as much just last night. Talk about timing! With that in mind, we're forwarding the papers to be signed, which will 1) save us a buttload of money and 2) expedite things so hopefully we can be married before the end of the year!

Needless to say, MC is in a good mood tonight. He said after that phone conversation he did a walking tour of downtown - several times - just because all that pent-up nervous energy could finally be released.

Obviously nothing's written in stone at this point and it COULD still get nasty - but all things considered, the world is looking a lot more favorable at the moment.

For my part, I spent most of the day spinning my wheels, though I did get another referral for web work, and leads on more. We've already talked about my going part- or full-time to doing websites once MC hits the road again in a few more months. If I can just tough it out for the next few months I think we'll do fine. I can walk away from the hell jobs and do something I actually enjoy and in theory will be less stressful.

I missed the national news today so I don't know the particulars - I do, however, know that the military bases and forts and whatnots are on elevated alert. I discovered this when I got to play musical cars while going through the gates at the fort. I had no problem getting a special pass, since I could prove all they needed proved, but it still took a chunk out of my day. I need to go back sometime in the next few days and get a longer pass, though, so I don't have to go through all the rigamarole again a few weeks from now.

I guess I don't look intimidating enough to be a proper terrorist.

In other news, I did connect with some of my co-workers at lunch time and we came to the group conclusion that our boss is either so insecure as to qualify for a spot in the closest loony bin, or he just flat doesn't have a clue. Either way, one woman volunteered to take him out as a bonus round after taking out her nutcase husband. She said the way she sees it, prison will include three meals a day prepared by somebody else, she doesn't have to pick up after the rest of the world any more, and she'll have done society two favors in the process.

The general consensus was that she'd be nominated for sainthood or something like it.

In the interim, we're all sitting here giving him the evil eye over what he set as goals by the end of the year. They're nowhere near possible, but he'll never acknowledge that and use it for an excuse to rampage.

Watch for the mushroom cloud over southern Arizona in a few more months. It oughta be lots of fun.

I know I'm getting too tired when I can't even remember my PIN for my bank card. I had to come back and track down a printout. Yeesh...

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