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Tuesday, Oct. 17, 2006
Mama Never Told Me There-d Be Oz Like This

MC's ring finally came in today. In fact, a few little odds and ends got taken care of today, though we've still got a lot to do over the next few months.

We discussed timing, trying to figure out how to juggle dates to try and allow for maximum family and friend attendance when we get married, because frankly if we don't do that we're going to get grief from those who can't get here. We even considered getting married by a JP and then having a separate ceremony for the world at large. I don't know exactly how we'll do it but we'll figure something out.

I didn't let MC know I'd picked up his ring until I came home. I then walked in, got down on one knee and proposed to him.

Hey, I'm all about tradition. I just don't do it exactly traditionally.

And yes, he said yes.

I kind of liked my sister's thoughts on the matter; after her fiancee proposed to her, she bought him a ring. She said it's the 21st century, so if all's fair in love and war, she can give her fiancee an engagement ring!

We didn't do an engagement ring (for either one of us,) and our wedding rings aren't matching, but I really like both of them. Mine's very understated, a simple, wide gold band with three small diamonds that are actually recessed so the outer face of the stones are even with the bandMy Ring - which translates into, "Hallelujah! I won't catch it on everything in sight!" I learned that lesson way back when. I like jewelry, but in general would say no to wearing a humongous rock on my hand, no matter how pretty it was. They're a pain in the ass when you try to do absolutely ANYTHING.

I heard from a friend in Tucson a few days ago. It's ironic; I hadn't heard from her in nearly a year, then voilá! I got a couple of emails from her and she apologized for being incommunicado, then promptly dropped off the radar again.

There were some explanatory clauses in the emails and I certainly understand that when life bitch-slaps the stuffings out of you, you have a tendency to retreat for a while. Been there, done that.

If you read WildRosie here on Diaryland and you're wondering if we fed her to the various assorted and sundry wild creatures of the outdated ornery old west, the answer is no. However, she fed herself to the unrelenting beast known as Show Biz. The local repertoiry is gearing up to present a rather unique version of a classic bit of stage musical, and Rosietoes is in the thick of things. A few days ago the sewing machines were out and fabric of different colors and design were strewn from here to yonder. I offered to help, but aside from having strict limits on my available time, I am not up to spending hours at the sewing machine after working all day.

However, I'm also constantly reminded that we live in a small town, where absolutely everything is a mixture of politics and Peyton Place. I've lived in communities like this for years, so while the names may change, I can quote the patterns by rote. The mayor and council are elected but the place is run by the iron fist of the city clerk. The slightest change from the status quo is viewed with suspicion or hostility. There are, at any given time, at least a dozen feuds, cheating spouses, cheating politicians, and so on.

It doesn't faze me; I've seen it all before and it's fully expected.

Something tells me that while the scope may shift a bit, the story is the same all in pretty much all government. Except unfortunately I think Bush actually DOES run the country. If there's a clerk responsible for our current morass, they should be shot for treason.

Or stupidity.

I suppose I should wind this up and take care of some other things. I'm pretty tired tonight and think I'm going to go crawl into bed shortly. I'm cramming to get through a list of stupid things at work so I can do what I'm actually supposed to do. The boss apparently decided he'd try to undermine my work, but I'm not going to screw around with it. I'll spin my wheels just long enough to do what I was told, and I'm documenting everything going forward, including asking for instructions in writing. That covers me either way; if the boss instructs me to do something stupid and it's in writing, I'll have proof in-hand; if he doesn't put in writing I'm still good because I'll consider it ignore-worthy.

After talking with the other people in my department they said they simply ignore him altogether. I won't do that - yet - but I'm getting there fast. Of course if my next paycheck is as dismal as this one, I'll be out of there before I get to full ignore mode. Too bad, because as my kids will attest, I can ignore better than anybody.

My rejected crayon meme result:

Quick addendum on the tangental issue of kids: 00 phoned today to say she'd gotten employee of the month where she works. She said she was getting depressed because she worked her ass off but wasn't making huge sales. But as it turned out, the bosses noticed enough that at a meeting yesterday (while she wasn't there, just got the information second-hand) they praised her bigtime because her sales are decent, but when she's there the department is in perfect order and she does the jobs everyone else is supposed to do.

Funny thing is, part of her recognition was a nice fat gift card and a primo parking place. Since she doesn't have a car, she asked if she could give the parking place to someone else, but was told no. So she said she'd buying a Hot Wheels car to put there. After all, she pointed out, she wouldn't want the parking place to go completely to waste.

You are

Oh joy. And to think somebody else was griping about getting Spank Me Pink.

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