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Friday, Oct. 20, 2006
Do the Weekend Hustle

I feel a little like digging out that "Hallelujah" mp3 from a few days back, just to celebrate the fact that it's Friday. I'm so glad the week's over, though I broke down and brought work home. It was kind of unavoidable this time because it's something where a customer sent an ad, supposedly camera-ready, and it's more likely going to be a HUGE issue to fix and make it usable.

The head of the composing department was saying this ad has a really annoying problem and that nobody could fix it. I just smiled and said, "Let me try." I may not be able to do it, but so help me I'm going to do my darndest. These folks don't have a clue for how long I've been doing graphics work. I guarantee I've been doing something graphics related since before the head of the department was even born, and have been working with digital graphics for nearly seven years now.

I don't work in the composing department, for what it's worth, but I've already done a lot of stuff and sent to them when things got tight. I'm used to pulling together whatever has to be done, forget whether or not it's "my" job. I guess that's the difference in working for small companies and working for a mid-size one like this or bigger. Everyone in this company is so compartmentalized in their thinking that it would never occur to them someone in a different department could do what they do.

We've been having fits with our email at work, too. I discovered the primary reason tonight. I sort of choked when I read the error message.

If you've got a newspaper and you've got people emailing HUGE graphics files -- at your express request -- for their advertising, it's not helpful to have size limits on your emails. It will lock up the ENTIRE email system for your business and put it out of commission in a matter of days. The emails get locked in mid-transmission and can't go any further; then, just for fun, you get nastygrams generated by your server warning you that you've exceeded your TOTAL mailbox limit.

Yeah, it's been one of THOSE weeks.

I called MC tonight as I was leaving work, since I was so late getting out. He told me not to expect dinner when I got home, as Rosie was up to her neck in costumes and sewing.

This was a perfectly transparent way of begging, "PLEASE, I'M STARVING HERE, BRING ME SOME FOOD!!!"

As you probably surmised, I speak fluent MC.

I didn't mind grabbing my favorite two-minute meal makings (after verifying with Rosie that we had the other half of the fixin's here at the house) and heading home to make something to eat. I appreciate that Rosie and crew generally have dinner waiting for me when I get here, but I haven't died and become helpless yet, either. Fortunately this literally only takes a few minutes to make, so we had a more-or-less home-cooked meal within maybe half an hour after I got home.

We're probably going to have to forego our usual traipse into the city this weekend because we're scraping pennies together. I'm going to be pushing the absolute limits of the budget just to take care of work next week.

But living in Teenytown USA isn't necessarily all that bad. I'd say I'll have a nice, quiet weekend except this weekend's going to be a parade and all the whoopity-do surrounding Helldorado Days. So MC and I will probably do the walking tour of downtown and otherwise just enjoy kicking back and relaxing.

Now if y'all believe that, I've got this bridge for sale in Brooklyn...


Hopefully this next check I can dig out the dollars to pay ransom for my SuperGold membership again. I can live without the Diaryland comments section - Haloscan works fine for that and is free - but I miss the ability to make private entries. I have had a paid account long enough now I'd forgotten that you have to HAVE a paid account to do that!

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