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Sunday, Nov. 05, 2006
Watching My Peas and Queues

Holy schmazolis, Batman, I remember now how much I miss high speed.

We brought MC's laptop with us to the library, where there's free wireless Internet, with the initial plan to get work done on one of our paid websites (as in, one we're being paid FOR.) I fought and swore like crazy to get the flash animation working yesterday so I could get things going, but did it work? Noooooo...

So I figured, "It's probably in the coding, which would work a lot faster with high speed."

Well the faster with high-speed thing works, but unfortunatly the coding still doesn't. And since I don't have my flash generating program on the laptop (nor the let's-not-talk-about-how-many-hours-to-make-it-work animation file, for that matter,) it's going to still have to wait, darn it.

I do NOT want to go back and rebuild the entire banner, though thank God, the only problem is with the link mechanism which (I hope) will be fairly simple to fix. I saved the file both in a finalized and in an editable format.

Hindsight is normally 20-20, except when it's brought on by too many hours verging on asylum time because you realized you DIDN'T prepare. So this time, knowing how many steps were involved in preparation thereof, I did my backups.

I don't know if I posted it here or not, but the flash animation program I use is called KoolMoves. It costs $50 for the full version, which is considerably less than the $699 to purchase the Adobe/Macromedia behemoth. Koolmoves isn't quite as flexible as the more musclebound Adobe version, but for the difference in price, I'll learn how to cope, thank you very much.

And I am learning, in spite of the limits on my time. WildRosie will vouch for the fact that I let out a whoop yesterday once I finally got my latest project to cooperate.

Let's not discuss all the more socially inacceptable phrases and words that preceeded the whoop of triumph, okay?

Ergo the uppermost banner on this page will probably soon be undergoing a holiday-esque change, which will in turn hopefully include some more interesting transitions and effects. Though I have to admit, I really did like the version I used last year, albeit minus the falling snowflakes, which had to be hell on anybody with dial-up. (Not to mention the fact that I deleted all the snowflake graphics.)

I suppose I should wind this up and allow MC to take over here. Besides which, I've had the munchies all day and while I'm too broke to actually buy lunch, we will probably be heading out shortly and I'll put together a bologna sandwich at home. I already promised MC that I'd make him some more pea soup for dinner tonight, which fortunately is one of the simplest meals imaginable to make. Not my favorite, granted, but certainly well within the "tolerable" range. And Rosietoes and Zeb both like it, too, so I guess that's plenty of reason to go with it.

Whip up some corn muffins as accompaniment and we should be good to go. In the interim, I am turning this over to MC, who's been waiting patiently for his turn.

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