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Saturday, Nov. 11, 2006
Just Meandering Through

It's Saturday night and that's good and bad, in the same way that a half-glass of water is good and bad. Half the weekend's over already, but I do still have another day off.

Yesterday was kind of an odd day, all around. I took MC into town with me when I went to work, dropped him off at Destination #1, figuring I'd take a few minutes later in the morning to pick him up and take him to Destination #2. That happened in fact, though it was sort of rearranged because of Veteran's Day Parade #1, which intersected the process.

However, he reached Destination #2 no worse for the delay and later in the day we went to lunch together.

Last night we were fairly late heading home because we made an extra stop or three - can't recall offhand specifically where we went but it didn't involve a lot of money spent, thanks to Thursday's robbery payment to get the truck fixed.

However, en route home Thursday night we encountered a fellow motorist whose vehicle was not going to make it into the tiny burg of Tombstone, and we'd given her a ride in for gasoline, which resolved the mechanical issues. Last night, in nearly the same spot, there was a mechanical issue of another sort, far more serious than we could resolve. This time it was an overturned vehicle - van or SUV, from the looks of it. That's two nasty accidents in less than two weeks. This time I didn't sense death as I passed, though it was obviously a serious crash and we passed an ambulance just a few minutes later. (The police were on scene when we arrived, though I gathered they'd only just gotten there.)

WildRosie passed just a short while after we did and commented that she'd be surprised if no one was killed in the accident. It definitely didn't look good. I called it in to the paper last night, but it was too late to make today's printing. I'll watch for it tomorrow.

Rosie and Zeb are out tonight on their penultimate performance of the play. We are planning to go next weekend for the finale, but tonight I was barely functional and still have a shitload of work to do. We did walk a block over to have dinner at a little Mexican food place here. I'd been in the building during the day, but this was my first time there for dinner.

It was actually really nice. The food is wonderful, the ambiance is very quiet, very intimate, and the prices - particularly when you consider portion sizes and quality - are pretty good. I swear they make the biggest burritos I've ever seen.

This week my boss confided he's been put on notice that the Sword of Damocles (at least in terms of work) is hanging over his head. I gathered he's not thrilled at the prospect of being fired, but that he's in a comparable state of mind to what I was before leaving the last radio station where I worked. In the interim, he brought a big chunk of imported gouda cheese and gave it to me for MC.

I really feel sorry for the guy. I know he's frustrated beyond all reason. I doubt they'll offer me his job if and when he goes, but even if they did, I don't think I'd take it. Technically speaking this is a medium-sized business. They have the same meat-grinder mentality, though, of mega-conglomerates like All Turds & Troglodytes.

Anyway, I have a feeling if and when he goes, he'll keep in touch with MC, if for no other reason than because MC can converse with him in his native language and he's so homesick it's awful.

With all that in mind, it's no wonder he drives everyone nuts. It's just rolling downhill from the top.

Today was another odd day. I went in to work for a little while, while MC was at the barber shop. It was not obligatory on my part but I figured I should go in, on principle. We've got a project coming up this week, one in which I'll be pulling a marathon day (8am to 10pm, more than likely) on Tuesday. Today was prep work for that. Luckily, the local cheerleaders pitched in and with their help, everything was put together in record time.

After that, I dropped MC off at a favorite local haunt while I went to try and help a co-worker get her computer working. I'd anticipated a virus on XP. Turns out it was Win98 and just an issue of updating a .dll file. Easy peasy lemon squeezy time, though since I didn't take along the laptop, we will have to go back tomorrow so I can load the necessary updates and perform some maintenance goodies for her.

I found this quiz and actually liked the result:

I'm curious now - how many OS's are there, anyway? I discovered a couple of new ones, like FreeBSD, OpenBSD and NetBSD. I already knew about Windows, Linux and Mac. Unix is out there too, but in my mind it's always been linked to Linux.

Oh well. I need to focus on other things, like swearing at the latest round of problems with our hosting service.

But before I go, one more addictive quizlet: Radiogurl (LeiLani) took the free personality test!

"Needs to feel identified with someone or something..."

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