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Friday, Nov. 17, 2006
The Johnny Paycheck Approach to Life

Some people are just begging to be put out of the world's misery.

Take pain-in-the-ass client, for example. We've been trying to get his web streaming working but our web hosting service (which is a good match at full pain-in-the-ass status, itself) is not even pretending to address the problem. They have literally ignored every query I've put to them as to why a platform-independent file type won't work on their servers.

In the meantime, we've been checking into alternative hosting options for pain-in-the-ass client, simply because he did pay for the service and we have this unholy belief that we should provide what he paid for.

I know it's been a while, incidentally, so I can't blame him for being frustrated.

Now mind you, a lot of the delays have been the direct result of his not having a flipping clue what he wants, changing his mind fifty-bazillion times, etc. Saddest part is, I will fix the issue by paying extra to set up his site on its own special hosting service, and he will unquestionably still complain. He doesn't deal with the hosting dilemmas *I* deal with, where you're extraordinarily lucky to get a person who even speaks English and don't get an answer at all when it matters.

Outsourcing is our friend, baby.

Oh well.

On the job front, MC finally conceded that I have to walk away from the morass where I currently work. I know he's not happy about my decision, but at least he knows I'm aware of the financial implications if I don't get something else immediately. I'm praying that the uber-low unemployment rate here will work in my favor and the temp agency will keep us afloat until something a bit more viable comes along.

We did drive the 20-something miles this morning to put in another job application. I didn't want to risk mailing it because today was the deadline to submit it. Besides which, we weren't familiar with that particular community and figured before I got in too deep, we wanted to check it out.

Turns out it is actually a pretty decent place. Small town, obviously, but what struck us most is that it is neat as a pin. Even for the few really crappy, tumbledown abandoned places, there's no junk in the yard. In southern Arizona, that alone is amazing. For the places where there were actual occupants, they were immaculate, lawns trimmed, reasonably fresh paint, fences in good shape, etc.

We picked up the local newspaper and glanced through it to get a feel for rental prices (which were pretty decent - started under $500 a month.) And since the job for which I applied starts at a pretty decent pay level, the rent would be well within our means even with only my salary. Add MC's to the mix and we'd be sitting pretty. Plus, we know for a fact they have high speed Internet options because we passed the Qwest building and they were advertising DSL in the area. Bonus points because the location would be much better for MC's job and in terms of overall convenience.

When I dropped off my resume and application, I also got a sense of the place where I'd be working if I get the job. I liked what I saw. It's a small office, so no soulless phone center (which is what I feared, given the salary level.) The atmosphere was laid back and friendly, professional but not cutthroat. I am pretty sure I could actually work there.

MC liked the community, too, and got to glance at the business from the outside. He's pretty supportive anyway, and a roll-with-the-punches personality overall, but I also wouldn't want to go somewhere where he'd be miserable. We stopped at a couple of local businesses that interested him (specifically a bookstore and a thrift store) and those went over well.

Obviously I'm not making definite plans to move at this point, but I am crossing my fingers.

My attitude has improved significantly by having a couple of days off. It's amazing how that works. When you operate in a place that functions on threats, intimidation and impossible expectations, it tends to muck with your head. Getting clear of it for a while really does rearrange your ways of thinking.

However, it is now approaching Cinderella time and I'm fresh out of glass slippers, so guess I should sign off and call it a night. Here's hoping I get something tangible enough in the next few days to walk in one day next week and tell my current boss, "Take this job and shove it, I ain't working here no more!"

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