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Monday, Nov. 27, 2006
Heigh Ho No More To Work I Go

Ever hear the old Alice Cooper ballad, "School's Out"?

"No more pencils, no more books, no more tea-chers' dirty looks..."

Somebody evidently forgot to extend the song to include, "No more idiot ex-bosses' stupid emails."

I stuck it out through today exclusively by the power of meds (entirely too many meds, truth be told,) but once 5 o'clock rolled around, I'd turned in my cell phone and my paperwork and I was outta there like a bat out of hell. My boss, Ivan the Petulant*, was in meetings all day with his boss, which I took to be a sign that the heavens really were smiling on me after all.

I said my adioses and did my thing and as far as I was concerned, that was a very resounding that.

Now, put yourself in the position of boss for a minute. You have an employee who's given you about a thousand and one rational reasons that she is packing it out for good. You've tried unsuccessfully to whine/wheedle/blackmail her into staying and she books out without so much as saying a word to you. You really have a hope of getting her to stay on after she's turned everything in and walked out the door, right?

I got home tonight to a frantic email (thank GOD he doesn't have my personal cell number) telling me I need to contact him asap because I didn't discuss my leaving with him. At least, not for the fourth or fifth time in the last week.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised, but for crying out loud... I'm not going to be hired back even if I wanted to be (I certainly wouldn't hire someone back after that,) and I don't have any obligation now to listen to him rant on endlessly.

Generally speaking I'm a courteous person, but something tells me that replying to this man is tantamount to issuing a personal invitation to a stalker. He even asked MC to call if I don't want to call. MC just shook his head. There's really not much you can say to something so irrational. I will say I feel sorry for the man's wife; if he's this way at work, I can imagine what he's like at home. I was once married to someone similar and it's pure hell.

Anyway, I'm free for the moment. I can't afford to be out of work for long, but at least I've started the search process this time, and by taking the temp route I've got a lot more flexibility as I go. Plus we have some web work coming in to pad things out for the next few months.

There's apparently another web biz here in the area, after all. He/she/they took out an ad in the classified section of the paper, but their business site looks pretty amateurish to me. Hopefully it's not gwtw, who I know can build web pages. I think gwtw would be a lot cleaner, fewer junk graphics, etc., though. If it is you, gwtw, I apologize for the slam. I just can't picture you posting cutesy pictures, and would imagine your page would be a bit better organized.

Not that we're not going through our own grief. With the new (second) hosting service, the streaming works just fine. Unfortunately nothing else does. This one's got a weird variation on the default page, which means renaming the primary page and all links thereto and all referenced coding. Add to that the lovely joy that on one computer it works perfectly; on the other, rather than putting in and going to a page, it opens to the ftp tree. The databases that worked beautifully on our other service? On the new server they run amok like Bush with a few $billion in war toys.

Our old hosting service, meanwhile, has again lapsed into silence when faced with our technical questions. At least they didn't close the help ticket this time around. They acknowledged it once, asking ME how to configure their servers, then let it drop. However, given what we're trying to do, it's entirely possible they're trying to accommodate the uncooperative format, which is what prompted us to open elsewhere in the first place. If they do, it would be a godsend because we wouldn't have to transfer two of our hosted domains. The two biggest and most complex ones, naturally. And we could work around the #$%&! database incompatibility, while we're at it.

And on that potential I did indeedy give them some links on configuring a Linux server for streaming. Not sure if they are doing anything about it or if they actually are just ignoring us, but a girl can dream.

Talking about the tech stuff, I know I've lost a lot of my readers, but if anyone is still reading, thought you'd appreciate a peek at the birthday card I got for my youngest son:

Birthday Toys

Funniest part just may be that these days, we girls like that kind of toys as much as the boys do!

Speaking of birthdays, mine is tomorrow. And I don't have to (hopefully) deal with Ivan the Petulant all day long. Unless he dredges up my resume and ergo, my phone number. In which case I might not hear it ring. For about the next six months or so, unless I miss my guess.

*The names have been changed to protect the guilty.

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