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Monday, Dec. 04, 2006
Dog Biscuits and Soup Tureens

It's good to be back semi-home. Cold, but good. :)

MC crawled into bed a little while ago, having been rousted awake at o'dark thirty this morning by Toby the Wonderdog, who's lately decreed that the entire house should be up and attending to his whining from that point forward every day. *This after already waking a few times in the middle of the night.) Poor MC hasn't had a good night's sleep in a month of Sundays, it seems, and short of putting Toby down, that looks to be the likely story for the foreseeable future.

And Toby the Wonderdog can WHINE. He almost never barks but he whines as much as a teenage girl who's been grounded from the mall, only more loudly. He sounds like some kind of mutant bird, though, rather than a dog. Someday I need to record the sound and post it here, because otherwise you'd never know that sound could emanate from a small dog.

I am pretty sure Toby is cold, even indoors. I'm certainly cold indoors. Toby is also apparently arthritic, which of course is exacerbated by the cold. And Toby is a geriatric furball, so has the grumpies ingrained, anyway. We're pretty sure he's hurting but don't speak doggie and thus can't ascertain precisely where and whether or not we can do anything to help.

I did give him a doggie aspirin last night. Not sure how much it did or didn't help, but I can hope...

I never even knew they made doggie aspirin. I think it's liver flavored, though I didn't taste it to check. Unfortunately while Toby sniffed and sort of nibbled at this humongous pill, his lack teeth prevented him from chewing it. My alternative was to mash it up with water, then use a biscuit to sop up the liquid, feeding Toby the biscuit. Hey, it kept him happy, though my sister's entire Canine Company was surrounding me in no time flat, demanding their share of puppy booty.

There were more tails wagging than a J-lo lookalike party last night in my sister's kitchen floor.

We took our time driving home today. I had planned to go to the courthouse and get the hearing date set for MC's divorce, but since we had to come home and get some paperwork first, and were pretty much dead beat when we arrived, we decided to wait one more day. That's a bit more insurance, anyway. We don't want to have come this far and then have to go back two steps because we filed something too early by a day or two.

I love my new computer except for one thing. I have the mouse from hell. As my sister put it, I'm getting a neutered or female mouse - one with no balls. On top of that, I've got a crappy mouse pad and it takes me umpteen tries to get even the simplest thing done.

We got our first official wedding gift today - thank you, Cosmic! If you haven't gotten her book yet, or have reservations, or whatever: do it. You're missing out on a gem if you haven't read it. It's a reminder that some of the souls we meet online arrived by way of a lot of blood, sweat and tears - often excruciatingly heavy on the blood and tears.

I have a great deal of admiration for anyone who can compose, edit and actually publish a book. To publish your life story, warts and all, takes bravery to a new level. Yes, I can write. I just apparently can't FINISH the story, not unless it's a thousand-word quickie or something similar. I have finished my share over the years. But I end up with so much going on that I get to point X and can't make myself type out what it takes to complete Y and Z, even when I know precisely what I want to say.

Well, except for diary entries, which are another whole issue. These are stream-of-consciousness and I literally think I could write 'em in my sleep.

Besides which, there's not actually an ending to any of my entries, anyway. I just stop when I run out of things to say, and rarely is there so much as a concluding snarkiness, a la Dangerspouse.

We did stop today at a largish outlet mall south of Phoenix. If I'd had a little bit more money to play with, I'd have snatched up some goodies at one store. I bought a teapot a little while before we moved and had already told MC I'd love to get a few more pieces from that collection. Well, they had a few more pieces at this store and they were 50% off outlet pricing. But all things considered, I just couldn't justify the expense. I did stop to look for dishes, since that's something we don't have. But of the matching stuff, they only had two plates and a few odds-n-ends of serving pieces, like a gravy boat, some casserole dishes and a soup tureen. So I figured it wasn't meant to be. (The soup tureen was $5, to give you an idea - it really was a good deal, just wasn't what I needed now.)

00 and Youngest Daughter are quarreling again. Or I guess I should say, still. 00 has her horse dog with her, a pit-bull mix that's used to being outdoors and is now cooped up in an apartment.

Yup, that's what Youngest Daughter thinks, too.

Me, too.

Add to that the fact that Youngest Daughter is pregnant again - shortly after a miscarriage - and even under NORMAL circumstances can out-bitch nearly anyone. Throw both girls under the same roof under those circumstances and it's pretty much like tossing a lit match into a pool of gasoline.

Since the apartment is in the name of Youngest Daughter and her hubby, 00 wants to get a place, but can't afford a place on her own. I volunteered that since we're hopefully going to be moving into the area in the immediate future, it would help both her AND us to combine income and furniture (of which she has it all) and computers (of which we have all) and go in together on a place. We have to find a place that allows pets, anyway, with Toby in the family, so another dog's not a huge deal. MC is fine with the idea, too, and I think 00 wasn't expecting that. She was just frustrated because she was afraid she was going to lose her job again because she was forced out of a roommate situation.

As nearly as I've been able to establish, the streaming problem occurred because the site that pain-in-the-ass client wants to emulate took advantage of a system glitch. I will attempt to replicate it but I'm about thisclose to saying "fugheddaboudit" anyway and paying him back any way we can, just so we don't have to deal with him any more.

Well, it's getting late and I went to bed at ungodly o'clock this morning, got about five hours' sleep before heading off into the wild wild west, and I'm officially calling it a night here. I've bored you long enough for one night.

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