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Saturday, Dec. 09, 2006
The Asylum is Preparing for the Holidays

If you heard something loud and crashing about an hour ago, it was probably the sound of me doing the happy dance. It's been compared to something between the bellow of a dying sea monster and a 10.2-magnitude earthquake, so just be glad you're not living closeby.

I FINALLY got the streaming working for PITA web client. It didn't require the additional hosting service (which I plan to shut down and get a refund.) It simply required adding two lines of code to one system file within our hosting package. It took me close to a month to find out the right question to ask - though I probably could've saved myself a whole lot of time just by asking the right person right off the bat. Oh well, that'll teach me.

Fixing the problem locally makes a whole heck of a lot of things easier. We don't have to transfer umpteen domains and their associated files, risking downtime and incompatibility on new hosting services. (Oh yeah, definitely have encountered that one before.) And while the second hosting service is cheaper than the one we're not using, it's most definitely NOT more user-friendly. I loath the system they use to administer the sucker.

So we stick with what we've got and we should be doing perfectly well for a while to come.

Other than the happy dance effect and putzing around on the computer and doing laundry again, I'm trying to get little odds and ends taken care of. We need to go into the city to pick up some things. We got some freebie kids' books a couple of days ago, including a classic Seuss, but they need repairs - therefore we'll be getting the wherewith to do that, along with some day-to-day necessities. I did some significant cleaning out of my closet, removing things I don't wear and am pretty darned sure I'll never voluntarily wear, and a few things that just don't fit.

Some of them will go to Freecycle. I put a few things up there earlier in the week and I'm still getting people begging me for the things I gave away day before yesterday. It's actually a pretty nice program; literally everything on it is free and I've even seen everything from puppies to a working hot tub listed on the giveaway list, though most of the time it's little things or people listing wants. They do ask you to give something before you ask for anything, though, which is only right.

The concept behind it is that if you've got something you don't need, whether it's a lampshade, books or whatever, it's better for someone else to get it than to clog the landfills, etc. There are groups all around the world, by the way; and if you don't see one for your area, chances are it only means YOU should start one.

It's getting on toward late - one pipe break later, the laundry remains on hold, but I've got other things to take care of along the way, too. Not the least of which is a Christmas card list! If I don't have your address but you would like a card from me, kindly email me. I have addresses for boxx, cosmic, chaos, NiciM, poolagirl, Art and Theresa, but am still missing addresses for Wenchie and a handful of my other readers and fellow inmates ;)

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