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Monday, Dec. 11, 2006
Last Calling Birds or Three French Kisses

I am now ruefully eyeing our ever-dwindling cash supply and wondering just how far over my head I've gotten, after all.

Christmas gifts this year will all be made, in an attempt to delude myself into believing that I'm saving money. But when I add up the actual costs, I realize it probably would've been cheaper to just buy something. Though for my boys, I'm putting together goody baskets, and for part of the contents will likely hit the grocery store. Twenty-something males + food is a can't-miss combination, hehe. Throw in some of those flannel pajama pants and my boys are in heaven. I got them a pair each a couple of years ago and it was a favorite. I figure they're each due for a refill by now, though.

Put in another job application this afternoon. The business is computer-related so you'd think that would work to my advantage, but who knows? I also emailed a resume about a webmaster job with a government subcontractor. Given the apparent lack of web builders in the area, I might or might not be considered. They did specify they were looking for someone either working toward or interested in obtaining their certification in one or more of several related areas.

I'm all about becoming certified, if they don't require XX amount of formal education and expertise up front. I know a little about a lot of things, but I sure as heck wouldn't consider myself an expert.

Note I said certified and not certifiable, in which case I'd be a shoo-in.

So we shall see if I so much as get an acknowledgment on that one. I guess you never know if you don't try, right?

Don't remember whether or not I posted it here, but I FINALLY figured out the particulars on the PITA client's website streaming, and the whole thing works like a charm now. I thought about keeping the process to myself, but decided instead that Tall Guy should know the how-to on it. Aside from the professional courtesy aspect, I'd like to keep on this guy's good side because while I'm better at the actual web creation and so on, he runs circles around me when it comes to hardware. You never know when you might want to call in a favor.

My next major project (other than getting an actual JOB) will involve sitting my fat butt down and learning PHP. I mean, learning it from the ground up so I actually have a clue what I'm building as I go.

As of this point I can take a pre-made PHP script and futz my way through it and make necessary changes, yada yada. As long as they don't get too involved, anyway. But write one from scratch? I get about as far as telling it to print text on a page. Big whoopity doo. I can do that in html or a text file or any number of comparable mindless options.

Grrr... I just went to visit MySh*t again; and once more, crashed my browser just by virtue of attempting to write a message to someone. You'd think I'd learn.

Fortunately I had saved the text for this entry to notepad so I didn't lose it.

We sent out a largish bundle of Christmas cards today. I got a couple of more addresses this morning but am still waiting for a couple more, I think, before calling it good for the year. Considering the date, I'm not too worried about anything heading across the USA; but for anything pointed overseas, if I haven't sent it already it's soon going to be too late.

If anyone is interested in seeing pictures of my kids, they've all got MySh*t pages. 00's page is here; Youngest Daughter's is here; Oldest Son's is here and Youngest Son's is here.

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