Radiogurl a la Carte

Sunday, Dec. 17, 2006
Down By the Seeeeee-eeBay

Dang. It's Sunday. I spent a fortune today and still can't quite figure out where it went.

The majority of it (by far) went to the grocery store, where I bought things for the boys' gifts (flour, butter, etc.,) though I also bought a lot of things that weren't for Christmas. Like more butter, fabric softener sheets, and so on. It was just one of those days where I kept throwing more into the cart, telling myself, "Wait. We need this... and this..." But I absolutely CAN NOT spend any more money now, period. No can do. I am officially busted, broke, and outta money. I've got to keep enough cash for gas to get to Phoenix and back twice, along with some other expenses that just won't go away on their own, darn it.

We've got some billing out for the web stuff and I should be getting at least one more check from the job at the paper, or I'd be approaching panic mode. But we're fast reaching that point anyway. Even assuming I get a job on January 1, I will likely owe every penny of it even before I get the check.

When I woke up this morning I discovered, much to my dismay, that I've got a mighty scratchy throat. The very last thing I need right now is to get sick - though guess I'd still prefer to get it and be done with it before I have to start a new job, anyway. I just hate being sick for Christmas, though I guess it's gotta happen to someone in the family every year. Darn it. And I've suspected for a while that I was coming down with something. I just hoped I could fend it off more easily when I was able to sleep.

Talked to Youngest Daughter on the phone tonight. She miscarried a couple of months ago but is pregnant again and this time feeling a lot healthier (and taking care of herself.) She and her hubby unit were discussing names. Scariest part may just be that this time I like the names. They're not common, but neither are they a jumble of letters pulled from a hat.

I also told Youngest Daughter what I was going to give her hubby unit for Christmas (she asked) and she agreed it would be perfect for him. So we're good.

I got a little more today for MC's Christmas. I am getting practical stuff for him at the moment but am thinking I really should probably get something just because he likes it. Though in reality when he wants something and I have the money, I don't hesitate to get it for him, not just as a Christmas thing.

PITA web client has been bitching that his new page is S-L-O-W loading. Well, no SHIT, Sherlock. I told him three or four years ago that a flash animation would bog things down in a big way. So now he insists that I design a whole new animation for him. My immediate response is HELLL NOOOOO! He already paid for the damned thing but I've had it up to here. I'm NEVER going to do another project for this jerk, yeesh.

I'm going to finagle things considerably and have an idea, but so help me, once that's done, that's IT. No frigging more.

Lucked out and picked up a weed whacker today, courtesy of Freecycle. It will probably need the switch replaced because it's stuck in the "on" position, but since Casa Wildrosie is a graveyard for weed whackers, I think that'll be a simple enough thing to resolve. I was also supposed to pick up a stroller/car seat combination for Youngest Daughter, but the lady who offered it never answered her phone today. I was asked specifically to call her today, so I don't know if she changed her mind or what.

I guess that's the risk you run if it's something free, right?

I need to dig out more things to give away. I've already been talking to MC about it. He's very conscious of recycling and also of getting things for a bargain. Freecycle fits both bills admirably. That's probably also why we get along well, other than his being a pack rat and my being a slob, hehe. He's a collector of all things, figuring you never know when it'll come in handy. I prefer a more streamlined existence, precisely because I am a slob and fewer things means less to make a mess.

Actually I'm not a slob. There are limits even for me. I have to have a degree of order to things - I'm just not over-the-top meticulous about it. I like my home to look like it's lived in, so there may be shoes under the edge of the sofa or in a corner, and I might not dust every other day, but neither do I want to live in a pigsty.

The materials are in the house to make fudge, and make bread. I'll make the fudge here, more than likely, but the bread will have to wait until we're in the Phoenix area, for the simple practicality standpoint. There's not a working oven here except a very tiny toaster oven - not big enough to make even ONE loaf of bread, much less five or six of them.

Well, without a job I have a boring life, so not a lot more to say. I'm surfing eBay Express and adding things to a wish list. It'll never get bought, but what the heck, hehee. I still don't really get what eBay Express is all about. I mean, if I understand right it's not auctions, and unlike Amazon you're not given more than one price for the same item. So it's just sort of an "everything" store with fixed prices. Weird. And I'm not even sure that's what it is, just trying to figure it out now.

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