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Tuesday, Dec. 19, 2006
And The Beat Goes On

I just got a get-well-quick notification. We've got to drive to Timbuktu tomorrow. We'll be making money on the deal but still...

And a HUMONGOUS thank you TO Nilliem for recommending Zicam. I drove to Scary Vista City today and picked some up. I've only just taken my second dose and I can already tell a difference. I got the pill version, though; there were some questions about the safety of the nasal spray variety, because in some people it can cause them to permanently lose their senses of smell and taste. I seriously thought about getting it precisely because of that risk - if I can't smell or taste, chances are I won't eat so much, and would in theory lose weight. But in the end, I decided to play it safe.

Incidentally, it was $11 at Walgreens - to me, worth every penny and then some. When Nilliem said "expensive" I was thinking more in the range of $30-40, which would've been impossible to do.

I'm a little bit congested tonight, but despite being out in the snow(!!!) today, it's a lot better than it was just a couple of days ago, and my throat's nearly back to normal. I hope that this stuff really does clear the majority of symptoms in twelve hours. If so, it'll be a staple in my medicine cabinet going forward - I can't tell you how much work I've lost because of colds. See, every time I get a cold I lose my voice. And when your job entails talking on the radio, and you can't talk... 'Nuf said.

My nose is now getting stuffy, but at least I'm feeling a little better overall. I'll bring along a couple of cases of kleenix tomorrow and make it a point not to breathe on anybody, just in case.

We got the rebate check today from the new computer, so I had the money to get the Zicam, at least. I'll take it!

Actually without the check coming in we couldn't have afforded the trip tomorrow and still make the Christmas hoopla, either. I was calculating what I spent at the grocery store and I am almost positive that I overpaid by about $25-30. I simply didn't buy as much as the bill totaled, and suspect that several of the sales items rung up at normal, much higher prices. Unfortunately I wasn't paying attention and walked off without a copy of the receipt (courtesy of the self-check lane and being in too big of a hurry, strictly my own fault) so I can't go back and challenge or even check it. Ka-CHING for the grocery store, and you bet your sweet bippy I'll be eyeballing every single receipt from them going forward. I already dealt with a similar mess at the other major grocer here in town. I was hoping these guys got it right.

Oh well.

Backing up a bit, it did indeed snow today. Nothing stuck, but for a while it was certainly coming down fast and heavy. Not enough for a white Christmas unless we get more overnight, which I hope does NOT happen. If it snows that much it's going to mess up the plans to drive to Timbuktu tomorrow, even taking the alternate route we elected to use. I'm not absolutely sure how that drive will go, as it is - not sure what the elevations range along the way. We might still run into snow, though doubtful enough this early in the season to be a real problem.

I just realized my ex-boss never went in and changed the email notification address for his guestbook - the one we built for him and he can't figure out how to use. (This is two ex-bosses ago, back at the radio station in Payson.) He is apparently playing with it because *I* got the notification that there's a comment to approve. Yeesh. Numbnuts probably lost the password. I didn't keep it, so can't even go in and fix it for my own peace of mind.

And my best guess is the beanbag-for-brains didn't keep track of it even though I mailed it to him months ago.

Oh well.

I don't know if I mentioned or not last night but I also got a Christmas card from Boxx! It's so cute :D

MC is thoroughly enjoying getting to hang the cards up - they're taped to a door in his "office," a little side room where he's got the laptop set up. It's stacked to the ceiling with boxes, literally everything we own. Well, everything *I* own. MC has stuff scattered here and there across two continents. He's even got a couple of paintings at a San Francisco gallery, and his dad's gold watch tucked away in a friend's safe.

I told you he was a pack rat! (Though I'll give him the gold watch - that's a keepsake, not pack-rat-itis.)

Oh well - time to sign off for tonight. I've got a painting to get done, and considering how far along I am, I'd better get to it. Today's Tuesday, we'll be out of town tomorrow, and I still haven't wrapped even ONE gift!!

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