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Monday, Dec. 18, 2006
Gloomy Monday

It's Monday and I'm not ready to kill the world.

Give me time, though. I'm sure I'll come around.

Thank heavens, I managed to finish several more gifts today. All but one package of materials has arrived in the mail now, AND we got several more Christmas cards today - including one from Art that's really cool. (Thanks, Art!) The rest were from family and non-Diaryland friends.

In the process of all the present-making, I burned my hand and burned a hole in my shirt, both with the soldering iron. Other than those little diversions, Project Christmas Presents is going quite well. By dunking my hand immediately in cold water, it survived without serious damage, just some singed flesh and a little spot that's got no real feeling in it. My shirt will expire at the end of the day, when I'll be giving it a proper burial in the Kingdom of Cleaning Rags.

What? You thought all of my gifts were filled with baked goods? Nah - though more than likely the girls wouldn't mind having that, too. (And yes, it's the girls' gifts I'm soldering.)

I'm relatively new to this skill, so had to improvise a bit. But I certainly can't complain, as everything is finally coming together. I just need one more package on that front, though I'm still irked about an order from Amazon. It was supposed to mail on the 11th but I got an email from the seller (I swear I could hear the Valley-girl chomping gum and flouncing) saying, "Ooops, I just wanted to let you know I mailed out your package on the 18th."

Christmas in TombstoneMind you, I got that email Saturday - which was the 16th, which means that God only knows if the thing actually mailed yet or will mail any time in the foreseeable future. If I don't get it before New Year's I'll report her to Amazon, I guess, and dispute the charge on my bank account, but I would rather have had what I ordered. Getting it before Christmas would've been nice, too.

Oh well.

I'm definitely trying not to come down with some new bug. Unfortunately I think the bug is winning. My throat is worse today and I've got that whole chest congestion thing going on for good measure. I got a phone call this afternoon from a friend in Nova Scotia, too - and could barely talk to her. Fortunately for us, she is perfectly capable of carrying on a conversation on her own, if need be, hehehe!

I finally got some pictures from Casa WildRosie and am posting herewith, as you can see. The tree is self-explanatory and still missing any kind of official "topper." Birthday CakeThe birthday cake was Rosie's and has curiously gone missing ever since, shrinking daily until I think now that there is one rather smallish square sitting lonely in the middle of its plastic-and-paper bed.

Tragic, really... Nobody knows what happened to the majority of it. It just... disappeared!

MC and I were debating whether or not snowfall might be in the offing tonight. The forecast does call for a 30% chance of rain but says the snow will stay above 6000 feet tonight, dropping to about 5000 feet tomorrow. Given the degree of accuracy in weather forecasts (no pun intended,) who knows?

Gloomy NightThe picture at right was taken out of the bedroom window. MC came unglued when I stepped foot outside earlier today, given that I'm sick and that it's gotten really nasty out there. I'm not sure it's as cold as it was a few weeks back, but it's definitely on the cold side and the clouds do look a bit like a storm is brewing.

That's not to say I'm holding my breath for a white Christmas, though it wouldn't be unprecedented. The first year after moving to Arizona, back in the dark ages when I was a teenager, we lived in Phoenix -- and it snowed on Christmas day.

I finally got around to making that bean soup tonight, though. The nice thing about beans is that while they take forever to cook, they also don't require a lot of fuss to prepare them. Just keep an eye on the water level, stir them now and again, and throw in any extras you desire (in this case, some diced leftover ham.) MC loves beans, though he warned me he'll probably blow the covers off the bed tonight!

I guess it's time to close this thing out tonight. I won't post the picture of my room right now because frankly it's a mess. Christmas projects are scattered from here to yon, I've got a bunch of clothes folded in a chair that need to be moved elsewhere but I don't know where to put them, and so on. Our space here is pretty generous - but any way you slice it, putting two people, a dog, and everything you own into two rooms guarantees things will be stacked up all around you.

The clutter gets to MC but I remind him that it's excellent insulation. (Hey, if he buys it, who am I to say it's a line of crap?)

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In the grander scheme of things, no soul can truly be replaced. Each one of us has a place in the universal tapestry. We each contribute our own color and texture. When one thread is snipped too soon, it distorts all the threads around it. Other lives can unravel and tear. If the wrong thread is ripped away, the whole fabric of life becomes dangerously fragile.
- LeiLani, aka Radiogurl aka Bright Opal (1957 - )