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Friday, Dec. 22, 2006
Twas The Night Before Christmas Weekend

Holy crapola, Batman, it's Friday. We're planning to head north to the Phoenix area tomorrow already. Hard to imagine that Christmas is only three days away!

The gifts are more or less all wrapped, and thanks to gwtw, we've even got an extra surprise for the daughters and son-in-law units this weekend. (Thank you, gwtw!!!) We did some cleaning this afternoon of our immediate surroundings, I've got something resembling food bubbling in the kitchen, and I can see portions of my desk again.

The cold/flu/whatever is still very much with me, but at this point I figure I've got enough meds to keep me more or less functional for a while longer.

Honestly I think Zicam is probably good for colds, so Nilliem, there's certainly no reason for you to feel badly for recommending it. It says on the box it isn't effective against the flu and other bugss. I am reasonably sure now I'm dealing with a non-cold virus. WildRosie came down with the same creeping crud and it sent her to the ER, where the diagnosis was pneumonia. That's generally a pretty good indication it's the flu, not a cold.

Mother Nature is not helping matters one iota. It's been cold and blustery for the past several days - snow a couple of days ago and threatening again tonight. (This time according to the NOAA folks, too.) While we were driving to gwtw's place today, both MC and I commented that the skies were looking mighty ugly and it looked like it was headed our way. I'm not bothering to look outside tonight to see if it kept that promise.

I'm at least semi-mobile today. I've still got a lot to do, and not a lot of time to get it done. I've not been up to actually cooking anything for dinner for the past few days and frankly don't feel much like cooking tonight either; but we all need to eat. Rosie's bedridden with pneumonia, Zeb's at work, and MC can't cook. Sick or not, I'm elected.

Supper's gonna be an easily-fixed meal, though, that much I can guarantee. If I'd started sooner I'd have made chicken soup. Since that isn't possible I've got an alternative simmering and am going to throw in some potatoes and other veggies shortly, maybe some kind of noodle. Not technically a stew, but close enough.

We got one more Christmas card today but it wasn't from a Diaryland member. That's okay - I am just glad for once that I got ours mailed out on time, hehe. I typically procrastinate until the last few days before Christmas, then figure it's too late. I've found five-year-old cards when going through old paperwork, sometimes filled out and signed, just never mailed.

Fortunately (or unfortunately) MC is anal about keeping up with things like that. He doesn't just remember birthdays; he built a database that marks birthdays, phone numbers, addresses and so on. And he's Mister Generous; when we were talking today he told me one year he personally bought enough Christmas gifts that he used up six big rolls of wrapping paper to wrap them. He faithfully tells me a week or more ahead of time that so-and-so's got a birthday coming up and we need to mail a card out.

Doesn't help when I don't have so-and-so's address, as is frequently the case with a couple of my kids, but the thought's there anyway.

MC has decided to start his own diary, though not here on Diaryland and not yet. He wants his own domain name (easy enough to do) and webspace (ditto) and wants to design a blog of his own choosing on his own page. If and when that happens, I'll be linking from here. I've stopped asking him to post here, despite the fact that he promised me nearly a year ago that he would. I learned a while back that he definitely has his own way of doing things, and it's simpler to go with the flow.

That's not to say I'm knuckling under and doing whatever I'm told, either. It just means I choose my battles and since almost none of the battles to date are important, I don't mind letting them slide. The few that really WERE important, we reached dètente pretty quickly, either by compromise or by him admitting that I was right, or by my admitting he was right.

Nicest part is when we disagree it doesn't deteriorate into something nasty - we disagree, state our case, maybe even get slightly upset, but definitely no knock-down drag-out no-holds-barred fights. The respect remains intact.

Anyway, on the heels of that horrendous tangent, I'll send you to post a happy birthday wish to the indomitable Miss Hiss herself, who I'm positive is celebrating her 20-something-th birthday. I'm going to have to sign off here and go finish up with our meal and then make the one missing gift. For some reason while working on all my goodies, I missed my sister, who I most DEFINITELY don't want to forget!

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