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Saturday, Dec. 23, 2006
Duck-Rabbit-Christmas Season

Merry Christmas-Eve Eve. In this time zone, we're currently situated about an hour away from Christmas Eve 2006.

We survived the trip and arrived safely at my sister's house, where MC and Toby the wonder-dog are now both snoring away. I will be sleeping myself shortly but wanted to put something online while it's quiet and I can.

In talking to my sister and to WildRosie, we all agree that it's time to put Toby the WonderDog down. He's crying constantly now and it's gotten progressively worse. MC has defended that the canine crusader is all energy, bounding everywhere. My sister and I will be taking the time to explain tomorrow that it's not energy - it's that Toby is in too much pain to rest. He lies down and bounces back up immediately - often whimpering in the process. And the ongoing frigid temperatures at home simply exacerbate the problem.

MC always swore he'd put Toby down rather than allow him to suffer, and it's reached that point.

Of course it's one thing to say it, and another altogether to carry through with the procedure. As all pet owners know, euthanizing a pet, however necessary or appropriate, is nonetheless the loss of a family member and companion. Add to this case the fact that Toby has been virtually MC's only companion and supporter for more than a decade (not counting me,) and you can well see why it will be a very, very painful decision to have to make.

I just hope MC doesn't dismiss our concerns or balk, though I don't think he will, not considering my sister's long experience with four-legged family members. This will be a bittersweet Christmas for my sweetheart, I'm afraid.

We had our granddaughter tonight and MC was overjoyed - he was the quintessential grandpa, snapping pictures right and left and playing right along with the Play Doh meal that she prepared. (The low-tech toys were by far the favorite, as I expected.) Hopefully I'll post some of the shots here in the next few days.

Then my sis and I took the kidlet on an excursion to the Mormon Temple in Mesa, where every year the grounds are decorated to the nth degree with lights, lights and more lights. Granddaughter was delighted, though the trip had to include a detour to McD's for a burger, fries and milk. This was her second meal of the night and despite our doubts, she was apparently genuinely hungry as everything disappeared quickly.

While at the Temple, I carried the shortest excursion member on my shoulders. Long story, but her mom sent her with dress shoes, which were both slippery-soled on wet walkways and were not designed for power walking. So we improvised and Granddaughter was very happy with the arrangement.

Earlier in the day, my sister kidnapped me and took me to get my Christmas gift from her and from her new hubby - a full-fledged manicure, the sort involving full nails. Well, as full as you can get on my hands, where two fingers are missing and two more lack nails and/or nail beds. Typing will be an adjustment for a few more days, of course, but so be it.

I also got a lead on a short-term but very lucrative job in the Phoenix metro area. We're talking pay of more than three times what I was making for the radio station in Payson. It's very short term, but if I can get my foot in the door it could lead to a lot more.

While the granddaughter was here earlier tonight and opened a few packages, we still haven't given her mommy, aunts or uncles their gifts, nor has she opened most of them from us. We'll be seeing her and the other kids tomorrow, and our grandson Monday.

I suppose I'd better sign off and call it a night, though. I'm feeling better today in terms of congestion and aches, and I am reasonably sure my fever broke overnight last night because I woke in a pool of sweat. My energy levels are still in the toilet and tomorrow and Monday will both be busy days again!

Oh, one more note, though. Part of MC's Christmas gift from me was to buy him the domain name he wanted. He'll be posting a blog there (I couldn't entice him to become a part of Diaryland.) As tempting as it is to spill the information, I'll refrain from posting the link here until he gets his design finished, but then it's open season and he knows and invites it. He's easily as addicted to feedback as the rest of us are, if not more so.

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