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Wednesday, Jan. 31, 2007
My Days Could Be Numbered

Functioning on caffeine and adrenaline is my specialty these days. Some things never change.

MC and I drove into Bisbee today, picking up some freecycle goodies but also so that I could stop by job service. Someone in the know here said in this part of the planet, the legitimately good jobs are actually available through job service. Skeery thought, there, huh?

As I stood waiting to talk to the one (yes, that is the lowest single digit above none) job service person for the county, I skimmed through some job listings, which were generally not too shabby, and I discovered I actually would qualify for the job of legal secretary with the county attorney's office. That's almost unbelievable, as I'm missing two fingers and can only type about 60wpm. But they only require 50wpm here.

Anyway, I finally talked to ye job coordinator, explained that I'm currently working but for [specific reasons withheld] needed to find something paying a bit more. I told him I was looking for something in the clerical line and explained why if he so much as mentioned the word "radio" to me I would probably throw something heavy.

Given the relatively short list of posted jobs that were anywhere within the range of my skills and experience, I had already said something to MC about just heading over to the county offices to put in for the legal secretary thing.

Of course, since this version of the job requires minimal typing and education, the local pay scale reflects the same.

My resume in hand, the job service guy started to read through it. I never in my life saw that kind of reaction. His eyes got wider and wider until about sixty seconds in, he sputtered, "You can do bookkeeping??"

It took me just about that long to figure out that as in Scurvy Vista, most people with work ethics and smarts are already working, so anybody with a legitimate job opening has a hell of a time filling it. Turns out someone there had been looking for a bookkeeper for eons and hadn't found anyone qualified.

While my personal finances are not immaculate, I can do business bookkeeping in my sleep. I'm even one of those weird people who enjoys it, because bookkeeping means working alone, and generally you have the autonomy to do the job. People are really intimidated by numbers. I have no qualms about playing that to the hilt in bad working situations, believe me, but this guy said he knew this employer and knew that the working atmosphere is very good.

No, I am sure it was my imagination about threatening to slit my own throat before working in hell again.

The job service manager even volunteered to take my resume to this person. I am leery because of that, yes. I don't like getting the bum's rush about a job. Did that with the newspaper and it was not a good deal. However, here I suspect it really was more what the guy said, that there just wasn't anyone else qualified and that the employer would probably be glad to have me working there.

Anyway, glad I'm looking for work while I am actually working. It's a bit stressful timewise but looks better to a potential employer.

I am hoping this offers a minimum of $10 an hour, and preferably more. A bookkeeping position should pay more like $12 an hour, even with the local economy. If I can make that much, we'll be able to move shortly.

Wildrosie has been generous, but staying with someone else is never the same as having your own home, even if it's a rental. Besides which, I miss my TV and my high-speed Internet. I don't watch a lot of television. I'd still like the option.

So cross your fingers. I get the impression that getting the job isn't going to be the challenge in this instance. I think it's more the pay rate. We shall see.

We also talked yesterday to the lady about the book collaboration. While it's not yet official, it is looking very good. The book's been shopped to publishers and we got a request back for sample chapters. That's always a good sign. The process should wind up around August if all goes well. I don't know if that's the actual writing process or when to expect the first payment. I'm guessing the former.

Never heard back from the lady about the magazine job but that's all right, too, especially considering how insanely busy I've been the past few days. I'll follow up with her next week, if I haven't heard from her by then. She hasn't been at her office for the past couple of days, anyway, so it's up in the air if she's even glanced at email.

In the interim, I need to write some more for-pay stuff before I fall asleep in my chair, so I guess I'd better sign off for the night.

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