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Sunday, Feb. 11, 2007
Crossed Porpoises and Other Oddities

It's Sunday night and I've got time to kill, for a change. I had dinner from the place next door - the manager actually walked over to take my order, since I'd had so much grief. Yup, I'm a total sucker for the whole guilt-trip thing. Of course it didn't help that by that point I was famished. Anyway, I ordered alfredo and salad and I ate entirely too much and I'm fine with that, for the moment.

Ah, boys and girls, the pfirsch/le-fart/spazs/whatever is back. I don't often delete comments but in her case I make an exception now and again.

SpazsThe Paragon of the Pathetic, shown at left, is female. I'll allow that part of the problem may be language-related, as she hails from Germany and may simply lack any real cognizance of the English language on either side of the Pond. Or maybe she truly IS stupid. Evolutionists are still scratching their heads on that one, with opinions split on the issue.

What's sad is that she's a pretty young woman, yet obviously desperate, given the extremes she takes to draw attention to herself. No one on such a bizarre campaign could have anything resembling a life. She obviously sits alone every night of the week, as no self-respecting potential boy- or girlfriend would put up with that kind of idiocy.

I'm neither angry nor sad, just bewildered that anyone would find it so important to annoy the living shit out of countless people she's never met.

Don't get me wrong. I'm all for annoying the shit out of some people, but I don't bother with random victims. If I go to that much trouble, I pick my targets and my reasons and use whatever means at my disposal to be sure I'm right on target, delivering my zingers at my precise command. And my targets are generally people who have earned the right to be perenially pissed-off by me.

I'm not going to feed the need for attention here any further. I'll just delete all her comments going forward. Like I said, sad. A few comments were respectful and appropriate. I'll miss those.

On a much nicer note, if you haven't already done so, go wish a happy birthday to Diaryland's favorite Pie-Rat. A little sister-bird tattled on her!

00 phoned me tonight, very excited. As it turned out, she spied an ad in the Phoenix paper for a job as a traffic controller for a local radio station. While she didn't have as much experience as they were seeking, it's such a specialized job she's going for it.

I hope she gets it - at a large-market station that job pays VERY well, and the people who do the job are treated like royalty. Traffic people are the ones who schedule the commercials at a station, and therefore control the money for everyone.

And if for any reason SHE doesn't get the job, I'm going for it, myself. I used to do that in addition to my regular job, for Pete's sake. I was also the one who had to fix it when somebody else screwed up. I used to do our logs by hand, back when, eventually moving to the computerized version.

I can deal with $40K or so to do traffic, thank you very much. See, that's the thing about radio stations - no matter how big or how small they are, a radio station has a finite number of avails per day. The only difference in a bigger station is that spots may be bumped because they're oversold.

I sincerely hope 00 gets the job. But if for any reason she doesn't, she's going to let me know and I'm so there it's not funny.

I have another job interview, myself, tomorrow, but I think if this falls through, I'm going to talk to MC about just hiking on up to Tucson Tuesday. This is ridiculous and then some. I'm not unemployed, obviously, but I'm so underemployed that if it weren't for Rosietoes's generosity, we'd be out on the streets. Not to mention that I'm scraping the absolute bottle of the barrel to cover the bare necessities even with her help.

And that is simply not acceptable, not any more.

I know MC would jump at the chance to move to Tucson, and it would unquestionably offer me far more and far better job opportunities. I'm just trying to balance everything so we both cover our survival needs and also don't leave Rosie in a lurch. Plus there's all the other stuff we haven't even addressed yet...

Both MC and I have agreed we're going to fold the web-building and web-support business. We'll keep the hosting service, as it's paying for itself and really doesn't take any work to speak of. But everything else is going buh-bye come April 1, if not before. We've got one client we need to do a rebuild on, and a couple of little odds and ends to complete for other existing clients - but other than that, stick a fork in us, because we're done.

We shall see where things lead from here. I got some interesting information tonight. Whether or not it comes to anything, who knows. 00's biggest hindrance to keeping work has been the lack of a vehicle. I might be able to dredge one up for her if all goes well, hopefully in time to help her with the upcoming job situation.

Keep your fingers (and eyes and toes and so on) crossed.

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