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Wednesday, Feb. 14, 2007
Tucson Bound And Gagged

Gotta love days off, be they few and far between or whatever.

MC and I had planned a local excursion, but things changed once I looked at our various bank accounts. Given that one account now has a balance of something like $2.63, one of $.42, and the others are in the hole, I realized it was no longer negotiable to pack my happy butt off for another job, and a $1 per hour increase ain't enough to really solve anything.

To answer Rosietoes, there are some reasons why I am looking at a move to Tucson, even knowing what MC experienced there a little over a year ago. I checked: the same exact jobs that start here at $6.75 an hour start there at $14 an hour, with some opening at $18 an hour and up. (And yeah, they're jobs for which I qualify.) The problem roomie who was living there with her ex is no longer there. In fact, four of the previous problem roomies have moved on to fleece and harangue other people greener pastures. I met the remaining folk in person today and know that while they're pretty far off the beaten path, they're not bad people. And with me there, some of the other things MC experienced won't happen, for a lot of reasons.

That doesn't mean I am embracing the proposed living arrangement.

The bank accounts today, however, were the last straws. This camel's back didn't just break, it went up in a mushroom cloud.

We're trying to find a way to make everything work, hopefully without sacrificing the book deal in the process, since so much rides on that. Plus if I can find something right away and it pays reasonably well, we should be able to get our own place in short order. I hope. While I'm not at all opposed to moving to Tucson, and this option provides at least a chance at a good-paying job, I really wish we were moving on our own terms.

I added the RSS feed for my latest AC articles to the bottom of this page. Hopefully it doesn't bog the page down too much. My most recent article was interesting to write and research. I started reading a book on ghosts, in connection with the book we're working on, and my jaw just dropped as I skimmed through the introduction. I realized that the author was right about the neuro-electrical surges in the human body not just going away when we die, and the fact that there's a scientific basis for the electrical weirdness where ghosts are reported.

I've got to throw out some more articles. We need the money right now. I'm not overly impressed by the things they pay top dollar for at AC, but I refuse to write down to their preferred level. If that means less per article, so be it; but I want anyone searching what I write to know I do my homework and that I know how to construct a complete sentence.

Until other things come through, though, I'm grateful for every penny it generates for me.

Guess I should sign off here and write something for there. Hope everyone had a nice Valentine's Day. Mine was somewhere between iffy and "Oh shit!" except for MC, who is still the best thing that ever happened to me.

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