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Saturday, Feb. 24, 2007
Another One Bites The Dust

Much to my disappointment, I haven't heard any more about the book deal. It may be just another one of those projects for which the world talks big but somehow the key people never follow through. We committed to doing the work but if our co-author drops the ball we're back to zip.

In the interim, I talked to someone today who's looking for a writer in Tucson. It's a television job and the fact that I've got so much broadcast background definitely got attention. We shall see if it's just another bunch of hooey or if this one's legit. I'm getting pretty fed up with promises that don't pan out.

MC is now safely ensconced in Tucson, and emailed me to say, "WOOHOO!!! HIGH SPEED INTERNET!" He's got the PC set up now and will probably be uploading his own website and getting it going. All that's there now is a temp page I designed, with links that don't go anywhere. As soon as he's got it up and working, though, I'll add a link here.

Most of our stuff is stacked ceiling-high in a tiny storage room. I'm here in Tombstone for a couple of more days, unless something pretty extreme happens in Tucson. I promised my boss I'd finish out the week and the plan is tentatively for me to stay here until my next scheduled day off, which is Tuesday. I'll be off two days, then just drive back and forth for Thursday and my last day (which will be next Friday.) I'd drive back all days but my body is already kicking my ass over the fact that I pulled a marathon today. I'd have to go back and pack tonight, then pull a double marathon day tomorrow, since MC isn't here to pack the last of our things that are going with. It ain't gonna happen, not in this lifetime.

Still trying to get that turnip of a paycheck to yield blood, too.

Adding insult to injury, after reading Art's diary tonight and its reference to pizza, I'm craving pizza. Darn it.

I am computerless except at work now, though obviously only for a couple of days. That's fine, considering I'm also bone tired and have a heck of a lot to do over the next couple of days. Still gotta sort and pack the last handful of odds and ends, and will need to clean behind us before heading off into the wild broke yonder.

Somebody moved Arizona a few degrees to the north the past couple of days. Even in Tucson, it was windy and cold. There were some folks here halfway expecting snow last night, the way it looked and felt. I don't think it was quite that cold, but it was definitely heading in the general direction! It's supposed to warm up tomorrow. I sure hope so. Of course even when the daytime highs are in the 70's, it drops to the 20's overnight.

Check out our weather forecast here.

Of course anybody in the midwest or northeast is grumbling about the 70's daytime. Those highs last maybe two minutes during the day, this time of year (if that.)

Well, I'm off (but you knew that.) I'm going to email the TV guy's contact information to myself, then see how much chance there is of getting some food from next door. Even if they're grossly overpriced, I'm now ravenous enough to pay their prices. And they've got a better waitress in tonight, one who actually is pretty decent to deal with and knows her stuff.

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