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Wednesday, Feb. 28, 2007
Employed Radiogurl Again Sort Of

Gotta love the job hunt in a real place. I started looking for work this morning late. Have already taken one test and one interview, have another (final) interview tomorrow morning and barring catastrophe, will start work on the 12th, for a job that means a sixty percent raise.

Yup, that does indeed make a difference, boys and girls.

I don't know if I'll like the job or not but at this point I don't give a rat's ass. It's similar to a favorite hell I endured once before for several years, only without some of the particularly nasty aspects. It's Big Business again. The upside to that is stability and higher pay. The downside is the inevitable dehumanization and psychological abuse if it's like the last Big Businesses I worked for.

The only difference is that this time around, I've got someone to work for and know it won't all be on my shoulders.

This also won't be as far to drive as I was doing with the newspaper, though it'll also come replete with big-city rush hour traffic. Provided I have a rush-hour shift, which is by no means guaranteed nor even expected.

And it'll probably involve working weekends. Again, I can deal if I don't have 100 percent responsibility for everything along the way. And I won't, not with MC in the picture. Furthermore, with him on the road for several weeks straight, my shift won't matter to anybody.

And my God... a real income again, with regular hours and the expectation of NOT taking work home... Paid holidays might or might not happen, but if I do have to work holidays it should be with overtime pay, unless I miss my guess. And benefits. The real kind, the kind you can afford to use and don't cost every penny you make. I can get new glasses, which is becoming an issue. Hell, we can get our own place after a bit. Maybe go straight to home ownership, even if it's a repo'd mobile home. I could deal with that, no doubt about it.

That's not to say I'm looking forward to this job. It's a call center, and I know from experience what a hellacious job that is. I know it's repetitive, which is no big deal; I know you deal with customers who are rude and sometimes disgusting. I can deal with those things easily. What I loath is the insane and dehumanizing background environment. In an office of hundreds, each person is worth exactly as much time as it takes to hire on more of the same.

Which is to say, not a hell of a lot.

But it's a job that'll only give me a one-week hiatus; it's more money; and when they say a forty-hour week, it really is only forty hours. And from my own past experience, it tends to be a stable crowd working in places like this. No druggies, no flakes. The kind of people who are paying mortgages, dealing with kids and grandkids, worrying about retirement, etc. I can deal with that. Hell, I might even meet a friend who'd accompany me to the movies. (MC isn't a movie fan, at least as in, "GOING to the movies.")

Plus, unless I miss my guess, there will be regular wage increases, which should mean in another two or three years I'll be making a pretty decent living. And it will simplify some other issues at home. I can deal. Somehow.

Pain in the ass web client had the balls to demand we rebuild his site. Again. Good thing I wasn't drinking tea or coffee. It'd be all over my monitor about now. I politely told him what he could do with himself. (And then some.) Asshole.

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