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Thursday, Mar. 01, 2007
Excessive Entry

My newest definition of asshole? A guy who would throw his wife who was four months pregnant and on bed rest because of complications. He left her nowhere to go, no money and nothing else worthwhile.

I'd like to be able to say I was shocked but in all reality, not too much can accomplish that, and especially not with regard to this fart-brained example of the male species.

This is my youngest daughter's hubby and I also can't say I blame him entirely. I love my child, but if I had to live with her it's a safe bet I'd kill her just because she was there. If Job had this kid for a daughter, he'd have committed suicide.

Still, timing is everything.

MC and I were discussing the fact that we can't do anything for the girls. If Youngest Daughter hadn't tossed 00 out, they could've probably managed to keep a place together. Too late for that now, and now NEITHER of them knows what the heck they're going to do this month. Though I think of the two, 00's in the better position overall, at least for the moment.

I have to focus on getting myself and MC stablized. That means no more helping kids for a while. The girls know that. Doesn't make them happy and they still come to me for help, but they know any help isn't going to be money or a place to live. The school of hard knocks sucketh bigtime. I know it well, having graduated with dishonor and having to retake every course.

Of course, aforementioned asshole will be paying child support 'til kingdom come. I feel sorry my grandchild. Something tells me this young father-to-be isn't the daddy-ish kind. He's too busy being a child, himself.

MC and I will do all we can for the grandbabies, too, naturally. There's still a limit to how much we can do. Sometimes the only way for kids to learn is to walk through their own personal hell. Trouble is I have no clue what kind of lesson some of these experiences are teaching. 00 has worked her ass off trying to make a go of life. She's obviously made mistakes, but seems the harder she tries, the more she gets kicked in the teeth.

I lived that, myself, and know it doesn't do much to help a pre-existing case of depression.

I have no clue if this thing is going to post tonight or not. The Internet connection at work is miserable at best. The old dial-up connection was actually faster and more reliable. After the past couple of days with REAL high speed, this stuff is just not worth mucking with. I couldn't get anything to update and it took about twenty minutes to connect to my gmail account. Like I said, not worth it.

Yet this business pays a small fortune for the satellite service that, at best, is deplorable. It's really sad.

Three or four years ago, county officials back in my old job spent a long time discussing the fact that without high speed Internet was absolutely a necessity for any hope of economic survival. I tend to agree. In the electronic age, anyone without Internet access is going to be left behind in a big way. This little community lives on tourism, granted, but even tourists expect certain amenities for their money.


On the job front, I did indeed get hired for the job earlier today. I have to go in tomorrow for the pee test and to fill out all the paperwork, none of which is a big deal.

One of the perks of the job should be a discount at the stores. Not my favorite store, to be perfectly honest - but not my least favorite, either. They're an old-name department store, carry pretty much everything you could possibly need, with the exception of groceries. If I am working for them and getting a discount, I'm sure I'll still buy from them, just on principle.

Anyway, glad to know I won't be out of work for long. In the meantime, MC and I will probably go look at some of the tax repo trailers sometime next week.

Ack - I also realized I need to pay for my car insurance. I should probably get a new insurance agent, too. I'm none too thrilled with the one I've got now. But one thing at a time, right? I'm just glad I am out of here after tomorrow. Driving to and from Tucson would get old mighty fast.

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