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Thursday, Mar. 22, 2007
The Incredible Shrinking Me

Argh. I love Internet outages.

Can ya feel the saracasm?

We were without the 'net last night when I got home from work. It didn't kill me, obviously. In fact, it gave me the time to watch DaVinci Code, one of the few times when I actually liked the movie better than the book.

But dang.

Another "but dang..." came this morning when I was getting dressed for work. I grabbed the slacks MC had gotten me for my birthday. I hadn't worn them in a while because I needed to hem them up - which I did this morning. Last time I wore them, they were really too tight to be decent, so I figured, "Cool, I've lost a little weight so they should fit better."

*Insert your own rude buzzer sound here.* Wrong answer!

They were a good six inches too large in the waist. This since the end of November! While I was a little disappointed not to be able to wear them, I can't say I was unhappy about the weight loss, which was way more than I'd thought.

I decided that heck, if I'd lost that much weight, maybe I could wear a pair of silk slacks that had been too small for a while. Okay, so I couldn't do that either, though gotta give me credit for trying.

Of course it was because THEY were too big, too.

I should've realized. I've started getting my clothes from regular sizes lately and can get away with it, though the trousers/slacks are a bit on the snug side.

Not sure why I'm surprised. Since I've lived here I have really been low carb, because I knew I couldn't afford to get sick from the whole hypoglycemia thing. I've even been good and bought low-carb chocolate to keep me out of the candy glut in our training class. I just didn't expect to have dropped that much in that amount of time.

MC was pretty philosophical about it, saying we'll just have to hit the thrift stores again this weekend. I have felt guilty because I was getting clothes (albeit thrift store specials) on a regular basis lately, but when I keep culling things I can't actually wear any more, I really don't have all that much left.

The flipside of that is that I still haven't found a pair of summer shoes/sandals I both like and can wear. I have been looking for a pair of espadrilles for my fat feet, even went online looking. Only pair I found that I like happen to cost over $100 plus shipping. That ain't happening, not in my world.

I need to wrap this up this morning. I have about four minutes to pee and get clocked in and get to work. I'll hopefully catch up with everybody else's diary tonight.

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