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Sunday, Mar. 25, 2007
Just Say I Am Full of Sheet

Added a private entry today - not a lot of big news or anything like that, but threw out a few odds 'n ends. The link is at left, beneath my "most recent entries" list.

We're doing fine, got the laundry done, including the linens.

I can deal with messy and disorganized, but clean sheets are my one - dunno what to call it. Not so much a pet peeve as that I just won't go more than a week without washing sheets unless it's a guest room or something where nobody's sleeping there. And since we don't have a guest room, the sheets hit the washer on a regular basis.

And I'm a sheet snob, as much as my budget allows. I go for the highest thread count I can afford, in solid colors. I don't mind a little froufrou, but prefer something tailored.

However, absolutely everything else is forgiven if sheets are clean. I love crawling between the covers when there's an unmistakable crisp feel of just-washed percale against my skin. I don't care of the rest of my bedroom is in a shambles. I don't care if there are dirty dishes in the sink (much.) Just gimme clean sheets and everything's right with the world.

At the moment we're sleeping on a sofa bed and using a full-sized sheet (in a print) on what's ostensibly a queen-sized mattress. Needless to say, there's no top-of-the-line thread count going on. But it's clean and I'm grateful both for the place to stay and for the fact I can wash the sheets once a week.

I am a sucker for bedroom linens, too. I'm also all about the cheap, so long as the quality is acceptable. I like Domestications for bedding. If you can deal with being on their mailing list, they periodically offer free shipping on any order of $50 or more. If you hit the clearance section you can score some great deals. I saw a king sized comforter set for $19.99 today.

Yeah, I know my male readers could probably care less. It's a woman thing. Tailored preferences and all, I'm still female.

I am, however, kind of partial to quilts. Might go that route. Of course all of that takes a backseat to other things right now. Priorities are glasses (definitely need an updated prescription there) and taking care of other must-do business.

Part of which I am now procrastinating about. I'm supposed to be doing the taxes right now and instead I'm writing here...

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