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Wednesday, Jun. 30, 2004

I am officially irked. I had my entry all typed out and Diaryland ate it. Then Diaryland also wouldn't allow me back in to add a post. I smell an online rat.

The car is toast, as I pretty much surmised. The head gasket blew and the sucker was superheated. According to the mechanic (who I admittedly don't trust much) it had probably been blowing the coolant into the pistons for a while now and that's why he couldn't find the problem. (Nice way to try and dodge responsibility, huh?)

Given that my current budget doesn't stretch to buy a new vehicle unless it's wrapped in cardboard and stamped with the name Hot Wheels, I have to start looking at alternatives. (I considered the Hot wheels. They're terrific on gas, but really too short on legroom, so I passed.) For the time being Pipeboy is letting us use his truck to go to work. That's fine for some things, just doesn't give me the leeway to cover something at the drop of a hat if the occasion is at the opposite end of the county. And it's not a long-term solution, to be sure.

Besides, 00 is looking for another job (a move I support wholly, for a lot of reasons.) Once she leaves, that will actually allow me the freedom to look elsewhere for work. Long as she's employed at the studios I feel responsible to both sides of the equation. If she gets the job she wants, I won't worry about her, and I am reasonably confident that she'll get it. At that point, I can start looking in places that offer reliable public transportation and/or van pools. Not only would those options eliminate my need for a vehicle, they'd also be better for the environment. I've done without a car before so while I don't love the prospect, I know for a fact it's a livable alternative.

However, I can't really afford to pick up and move on a whim at the moment. I don't have enough money, frankly. So that leaves me with only a couple of other alternatives. I have to get the old vehicle fixed and hope it holds up for long enough to sock back some cash; or I have to win the lottery and buy a new car and retire. While the latter is certainly my preferred alternative, I hear that the odds are vastly improved if you purchase a lottery ticket. And I don't do that often. I remember seeing a bumper sticker that said, The Lottery is a Tax on Stupidity. Not sure I agree wholeheartedly, but I do have a certain aversion to paying the government money I am not required to pay.

Then again, you do have substantially better odds of winning something in the lottery. Consider the Publishers' Clearing House Sweepstakes. I know, y'all protest, But that's free! No it's not. You pay for the stamps to mail back all of those entries and for every third stamp, you've paid the price of a $1 lottery ticket plus a few cents left over. And at least with the lottery you have a real chance of winning a small cash prize. And you don't have to fill out fifty forms and go on a scavenger hunt through the junk mail to find the gold X on a tacky sticker. Nor does the lottery drop grossly misleading advertising directly into your mailbox. The only government entity that does that is... Well, okay, most of them, particularly at election time. But I digress.

At any rate, for the moment, despite losing the car, I am in a somewhat better mood. I'm hoping for a better day tomorrow. Cross your fingers. And reserve me the Looking Groovy Hot Wheels car with the flame decals.

This is being edited in at an ungodly hour... I don't know how things will be going in the next few days. We've got a wildfire going - the Willow Fire - and it's on my watch, so to speak. If there's an evacuation and/or the fire continues to spread unchecked, I will be working lots of these ungodly hours. There are some positive things. While 3% containment isn't much, that's better than the 0% containment yesterday. And it apparently hasn't moved any nearer to Payson, though I can't say with absolute certainty that it hasn't come closer to the smaller community that's its more likely target.

I am hoping that this thing is contained before long. Even if you don't count the potential for lost lives, lost homes, etc, the county can't afford to lose the tourist trade and the property tax income from this kind of destruction. It will literally bankrupt the local government. Here's hoping this monster gets extinguished... soon.

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