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Tuesday, Nov. 02, 2004
O Boundless BS

Happy Election Day. **Yawns**

I finally finished up the last of my stories, uploaded 'em to the server, and prepped the morning news stuff. It's about 1AM. Ain't life grand? I WOULD have all this stuff on the night before election day. Tomorrow I have the dubious joy of working probably 18-20 hours nonstop, and Wednesday and Thursday I've got to be in early because Boss is supposed to have more medical tests done.

I swear the Bush-Kerry saga can't hold a candle to local politics on a roll. And you have to understand, this isn't only local politics. It's SOUTHERN local politics. ARIZONA local politics. Arizona... the state that elected a used-car salesman to be our governor, then whined because he was politically incorrect. Impeached him, removed him, since nobody could understand how he could be less than cultured and educated to the nines.

All together now:


I remember reading in the paper recently that the deposed ex-governor had developed Alzheimer's or something comparable. Not to be cruel, but how could they tell???

Okay now I KNOW I've been dealing too long with politics, when I'd pick on an elderly man whose health is failing.

Today was a doozy. I truly believe in one day we outdid ourselves in this county, topping every previous election for dirty politics. The respective candidates, and even non-candidates, spent the day dancing the Limbo - as in, "How low can you go??"

The day started out with a loser in Race A taking a vicious and unprecedented swipe at the person who defeated him in the Democratic primaries in September. This man actually PAID for an ad to out-and-out slam the winner.

There's no way he can be elected. His primary election results were an embarrassment. Apparently he was mad at the winner because he's convinced she's the reason he wasn't re-hired after he chose to retire from his former government job at the county. She isn't in office now, mind you. While yes, I think she'll be voted in, it hasn't happened yet. The incumbent is still in place.

Yeah, I heard you scratching your head. Me, too.

The Democrat winner of the race, whose name actually appears on today's ballot, was in the studios recording a rebuttal first thing this morning.

So was the Democratic candidate in Race B. And in that race, the gloves REALLY came off today. I recorded seven news stories tonight for tomorrow morning's broadcast. Five of them are the back-and-forth for that one race. Weirdest darned thing is, again, one of the folks who's creating havoc isn't in the race for Job B. He's the Republican candidate for Job A. He seems to be ignoring his own race in order to create chaos in Race B.

00 was fielding phone calls at the speed of lightning. I spent so much time on the phone I barely had time to write out what I was supposed to be reporting. Incumbent B brought me photos and a nationally-published documentary in book form. Photos were of wildcat Republican candidate from Race A, who was creating havoc in Race B, pretty darned convincing proof of B incumbent/candidate's claims. The book documented a high-profile murder investigation that candidate/challenger B was involved in (as an investigator), but raised some questions (at least on the surface) of how well he'd handled said investigation.

I will say two things positive about myself. I'll about kill myself to report fairly and accurately. And I will pursue any legitimate lead. I immediately phoned and talked to the author of the book. I don't think anyone was expecting me to do that.

The author was very gracious, seemingly very interested in the reason for my call. He said the contents of the book notwithstanding, challenger B was an extremely dedicated investigator and would be excellent if elected. In fact, the writer volunteered if he'd known the guy was running for election, he'd have contributed to his campaign fund. It's ironic that what was intended as a smear turned out to be a ringing endorsement, instead. All things considered, I was genuinely impressed by the writer's comments, a heck of a lot more so than I would be by the endorsements of umpteen political hacks.

I still swear the old Abbott and Costello Who's on First? bit was far less convoluted and made much more sense.

At one point 00 stood up and peeked through the window into my corner of oblivion. She said when people call, they generally wouldn't leave a message. She said they told her that they wanted to speak to me, because I got the story right and because if I said it, everyone heard it. Very flattering, and I am flattered, but made for one heck of a frantic day.

I just keep chanting, One More Day. Trouble is, it won't be only one more day. That's the thing some of these folks don't realize. The end of the election isn't automatically the end of the story for me. I've had so much stuff thrown at me today that it will probably take me a week or two just to sort it all out. And then I'll start digging all over again, because the implications of some of these claims are more far-reaching than election results.

By the same token, while I was talking today to the county attorney, I told her what it's really like. We both agreed that the preferable course of action this election was to pick up the entire political file and fling it across the room.

I might, too, if I weren't afraid I'd have to pay for the hole it would probably make in the wall. This file's nearly as big as a politician's ego.

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In the grander scheme of things, no soul can truly be replaced. Each one of us has a place in the universal tapestry. We each contribute our own color and texture. When one thread is snipped too soon, it distorts all the threads around it. Other lives can unravel and tear. If the wrong thread is ripped away, the whole fabric of life becomes dangerously fragile.
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