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Monday, Oct. 11, 2004
Minding My Own Bull

The weekend was bittersweet, but today was just plain bad.

Boss was in a mood and a half, complaining because I didn't get more done. (Gee, I'm only working around the clock. Guess I need to put in more time.) I have been doing the afternoon news live because I don't have time to get out and get the stories, come back and write them, and pre-produce them in time for afternoon broadcast. On top of that, one of our sponsors told Boss she'd given me her ad copy several weeks ago. She didn't, nor do I believe she actually said that. I think Boss misunderstood her. But I pointed out that I'd left him a message telling him she'd called about ad change, probably two weeks or more ago.

He responded that since he couldn't find the message, I must therefore not have left it and that isn't acceptable.

Um, excuse me?

I can take a message and lead this particular horse to 'water', but short of dunking him in the proverbial stream, it ain't my fault if he doesn't read it and can't find it. I put it in WRITING, for heaven's sake, and put it at his workstation. Previous Traffic Girl and I bought office supplies out of our own pockets, including a carbon message pad. I could point him to the place where I wrote the message down, yet since he has no clue what he did with it, it's therefore my fault? I don't THINK so.

Tonight I covered the city council meeting, wrote, put the stories on the studio web site, and Boss called to tell me to record his story from the other council meeting. (There are two municipalities in our area that have council meetings on the same night. He covers one and I cover one.) I told him, "Sure, I'll do a rewrite and record it." He was pissy that I said I'd overhaul his story, but Boss ends up leaving key words out when he writes. Believe me, I HAVE to rewrite. Fortunately I have a fairly good idea of what's going on in the community, so between what Boss writes and what I know, I can formulate a reasonably coherent story for web and broadcast.

Just to make this day perfect, Tall Guy came into the studios this afternoon. He had a legitimate reason to be there, but he came in and stood behind me, trying to strike up a conversation, instead of dealing with Boss about his reason for being there. (We won't discuss the fact that he could just as easily have put off the reason for his being there for another day, when he had to be at the studios anyway.) I was working on another project, one Boss had already been giving me hell about, so I really had to ask Tall Guy to leave me alone and let me finish. While that's not a verbatim - I was considerably more polite than that - I got the impression that I shocked the living daylights out of him.


Of course I didn't have the time to really turn around to see if I read his reaction correctly, because I was trying to finish up our contract and quote for a state political candidate and get it faxed off to her. I'm dealing with 90% of our political calls now, both from the news end and the sales end. Earlier in the day I wrote up an ad schedule, contract, and receipt for another candidate, and made arrangements for her to get us her audio for her ad. This in addition to my REGULAR job. I'm not really supposed to handle anything sales related. I offered at one point and Boss refused; and when it comes to political sales, the rules are so hinky I don't even want to know.

But I still got it dumped into my lap, like everything else. Should I reiterate now that I hate politics on principle? And getting them shoved down my throat during election seasons is as much torture as having wooden spikes drilled under my fingernails?

Tall Guy is supposed to be at the studios tomorrow night to help me document our maintenance procedures. I'm pissed enough that my boss suddenly insists that Tall Guy be part of that. Though maybe I should be more pissed at Tall Guy, who has suddenly come to the conclusion that I can't handle maintenance without him. I've been doing it alone for months - only reason Tall Guy got called in was to cover for me one night when I was covering something else, and now all of a sudden I can't handle something that routine???

Yes, Tall Guy is a good tech, and yes, he did show me a couple of things I didn't know how to do. But lest you think, "Ah, so she's not that expert after all," I also showed Tall Guy some things HE didn't know. It was an exchange. The only area where he outclasses me is in hardware. I can put in a sound card or other device and probably do it as quickly and as efficiently as he can, but building a machine from scratch is another matter altogether and I acknowledge it. I hate putting in a new motherboard. Loath it. In terms of most software, though, I run circles around him. I HAVE to, with what I do.

Tall Guy made it a point to say he'll be at the studios tomorrow night, though, so I will deal. He starts his new job tomorrow, one that's apparently already been kicked up a notch from what he was expecting. I'm not holding my breath until he shows up at all, so Boss can bite me if he thinks I'll wait to get started. And I will be documenting every step of the way, as ordered. (I came thisclose today to standing at smart attention, raising a stiffened hand to my head, and barking, Heil Hitler!.) I'm really looking forward to having this done and documented, because once I do, if I walk, Boss can't complain that I left him holding the proverbial bag.

Yes, I am in a whiney mood tonight. I'll live, but nobody said I'll be happy about it in the meantime!

I actually had to smother a grin when Tall Guy was apparently taken aback by my distracted response. I doubt it accomplished anything, but it was nice at least to get some response from him other than blasé presumptions.

I'm beginning to believe 00 is right. She said if you're decent to men, they want nothing to do with you. But if you're a complete bitch to them, they are devoted for life and you can't get rid of them.

I think I might just invest in a bullwhip.

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