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Tuesday, Oct. 26, 2004
Gleefully Eyeing Unemployment

FINALLY I'm getting here to post something. Yeesh! Between work and Diaryland's atti-TUDE tonight, this was the earliest I could type a single word on the site.

It was a moderately busy day at work. I had a meeting first thing this morning, it lasted forever and said precious little, which is sadly typical for this particular group. There were a few more things said today than some weeks, at least.

The upside is that I haven't had to work late so far this week except at home. (Hmm... Maybe I shouldn't have said that. Boss might hear me.) Good thing, since I am extremely limited for transportation options, as Pipeboy is now hereby renamed Pizza Boy. He's got a job at a chain restaurant here in town. He worked for the same chain for nine years previously, in the Phoenix area. He was a manager there. He's a cook here, at least for now, but considering the dubious pool of workers in this town, he'll make manager there too in a while.

As I said before, I'm fair. As promised, when he became employed I revised my opinion of him. He treats 00 well, so if he keeps this job and doesn't flake out, I'll be happy for them and become a bona-fide member of his cheering section.

Meanwhile back at the dungeon... er, studios... 00 and Boss are in full-blown snipe mode. Can't blame 00, as Boss is senile and getting worse all the time. I picked her up a job application today and genuinely hope she gets the job. It would mean a pretty significant pay increase and the job includes benefits. Heck, I was tempted to apply for it, myself! Boss, meanwhile, left a snarky email open where he knew she'd see it, whining to one of his buddies about how 00 was lazy in not being able to force his "I'll-buy-whatever-I-can-that's-cheap" software to do what it's supposed to do. I mean, I have nothing against FREE if it works, but the simple fact is that this software DOESN'T do what it's supposed to do, and it's got nothing to do with 00's competence. I'm not one of those moms who's blind to their kids' faults. 00 isn't perfect but she's worked her butt off for this job and Boss doesn't appreciate it. I don't know if he even gets it any more. He may not until she's gone.

Boss also still doesn't seem to get the simple fact that when 00 goes, I go too, by default. I wouldn't necessarily quit if she did, provided I had an alternative. But since 00 is my sole source of transportation, her departure leaves me on foot, which eliminates any possibility of my performing my job. Actually it's pushing it now, because Pipeboy/Pizza Boy is taking his truck to work and Boss had to bring 00 and me home this afternoon. That was fine for this afternoon but it's not going to last.

Then there's the fact that if 00 goes it would leave me with her job to do, on top of my own work. And with the added responsibility, I'd end up in the hospital in no time flat. I know because I've done it before working for this same station. Not going to happen again.

I'm not terribly broken-hearted at the prospect of unemployment, though I would have preferred to postpone it until I had a vehicle. But hey, that's why god invented Greyhound. I'm so exhausted now, physically, mentally, and emotionally, I'd be happy to clean toilets if it was only forty hours a week, at least for the short term. Boss called me I think seven times tonight in as many minutes. I swear sometimes it's like having another child to take care of. I'll miss him when I high-tail it out of here.


Still nothing whatsoever from the magazine submission. It's been three months now since I mailed the story off. I don't have a rejection letter and also haven't heard anything else from them. I don't want to be a pest but given that I'm potentially looking at a move, I'd like to know whether or not to change my mailing address with them; and if they're not using the story, I'd like to have it back. (Yes, I sent SASE, so they should have returned it by now.)

Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to catch up on all the friends' diaries I missed. For now I'm grabbing some ibuprofin and going to call it a night.

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