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Thursday, Oct. 21, 2004
Apache Jii

It's raining, finally. Supposedly we'll only have the storm overhead for this evening and maybe into tomorrow, despite the five-day deluge it unleashed on California. Hopefully we won't get the 11" of rain in 7 hours that some portions of California received from this storm, either.

For now, it's a fairly gentle rain, lots of clouds and a haze hanging over the mountains. Great stuff when we can get it We've been in a drought for eons, but we're seeing several wonderful unseasonal showers that linger this year well beyond our monsoon season. And a second prayer that they're not the counterpoint to a 9-month deprivation of moisture starting in December or January. Sad to say, that's possible.

Temperatures have been a wonderful change, though. Our predicted overnight low tonight was 51F. Considering it was 46 at the time of my last newscast tonight, I'm guessing that we'll be a bit colder than the weather service predicted, hehee. It's a little early for cooler temperatures here, and I love every minute of it.

Before I am verbally assaulted by people who live where it drops to well below zero every year, I said cool, not cold. Yes, I DO know how miserable the cold can be and I DO appreciate our mild winters here. But I love autumn most of all, and we're finally seeing autumn here. Days are comfortable, nights are crisp, and I can dig out the sweaters I love but can't wear for the rest of the year. Though admittedly, I've lost so much weight this year that I don't have many I can still wear, even allowing that I like my sweaters big and comfy.

It was a moderate day for news, which was a godsend. It was enough to keep me busy but slow enough that I was able to record tomorrow's stories before I left the studios. So I have the whole night to myself, with no work to do! I am officially in heaven. Too bad I don't have any bubble bath - it's nights like tonight that are made for luxuries like that.

Changing subject but I figured this would be something exotic to a lot of my readers. I live in Podunk USA (a euphemism for "town so small and behind the times it barely qualifies as civilization.") The upside to that is that our community offers some unique celebrations. One of those is Apache Jii Day, which was Saturday. 00 took the photos here. They give you a peek at the magnificent Apache Crown Dancers, traditional Apache art, and at the main drag downtown in the community where I live.

The brilliant dresses you see on many of the Native American women are called camp dresses. I went looking for photos of a camp dress once before and couldn't find any good ones. There are several examples in these slides. 00 took 67 shots altogether and I can always add more to the page if anyone is interested, but this really shows most of what you'd see in them.

Most of the buildings downtown were built around the turn of the 20th century. Some still have dirt floors in the back rooms, even the commercial buildings. They all have the flavor of the Old West precisely because this town legitimately IS from the Old West. Chief Geronimo was here. So were countless other heroes and villains that were quite real, flesh-and-blood people, with all of their foibles and quirks.

From what I understand, "Jii" means "freedom." I haven't found anyone to confirm that.

This is one of many annual street festivals held here in town. Plenty of them, including this event, essentially take over downtown for a day or two. The main street is closed for two or three blocks and the community swells by thousands of visitors. Apache Days are by far the most popular attraction, but for a sleepy, rundown little town, we get a pretty fair number of tourists who take the time to look past the shabby exterior you see from the main highway.

I took some time tonight playing with a forum design for a friend. It was the first time in eons I'd really taken the time to create anything and it felt wonderful. I miss designing, but it simply isn't something I can do with any regularity. I am also dealing with a situation where I don't know quite what to do. I want to help, but you can't rescue someone from themselves, unfortunately. It's the hardest thing in the world to have to sit on your hands and watch a friend self-destruct in a spectacular way.

Note: I can tell how tired I am, because every time I go back to read I find yet more typos. At this point I don't even know how many are mistakes from the first time around and how many are misinterpretations of my increasingly fuzzy-from-sleep-deprivation mind! On that note, I think I've got to call it a night.

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