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Friday, Oct. 29, 2004
Kids and Bits

I guess I'm going to have to break down and pay for my diary space just so I can post to it. I figured by waiting this late I'd be able to get right online, but nooo...

TGIF! I swear I thought this week would NEVER end. But it did, I survived, and I not only made it to the weekend, but I am FINALLY getting a sofa delivered tomorrow. It was given to me, it's brand new, and I don't give a flying flip if it's my style or not, it's a place to sit down and watch TV. I didn't really think about it much, but I guess one of the reasons I don't watch much television is that my living room only has one recliner and one EXTREMELY uncomfortable doctors-office-reject chair. With the daughter and granddaughter here, guess who gets the doctors-office-reject (if I'm lucky?) And at least I like the fabric on the sofa - simple beige chenille, dark enough to (hopefully) hide all of the baby fingerprints, and still a neutral color I can dress up with pillows and a throw.

I signed off the Internet and set work aside tonight to watch Joan of Arcadia, at the suggestion of a friend. I think I liked it. Unfortunately 1) I was sitting in aforementioned crummy chair, and 2) my granddaughter was in the mood for a relay race with herself. She was giggling and running nonstop all over the room. I'm glad she was in a good mood and I enjoy playing with her, but I really had a hard time focusing on the storyline of the television show, all things considered! Maybe next week...

My next project is a car. I still haven't heard anything on the story I submitted. I should point out that this is the first time I've ever submitted anything for print publication. (Technically I'm a professional writer now, because about 95% of my job is research and writing, but the medium is different.) I fully expected a rejection letter. I was planning on framing it. Heck, I may still frame a rejection letter when it's all said and done, though it's now been three months since I submitted the story. Again, not sure if it's lost in the post office or if it's being picked up for publication. I'm still crossing my fingers for the latter, so I can get something mobile and somewhat more motorized than a bicycle or feet!

The first thing after I got home from work tonight, I had to walk down to Wally World. Youngest Daughter had developed a toothache and I bought some Anbesol for her. I didn't want to walk after dark. It's not so much that I think I'm likely to be mugged here (though anything's possible, obviously); it's that once it gets dark, there are no street lights and because of the way things are situated, there's virtually no illumination of any kind. A line of trees blocks the light from Wally World, even.

As long as I'm walking along the road itself, I would be able to see well enough to get by, but there's a short distance where you have to cut through, and part of that cut-across involves climbing a short, steep hill. I'd be more concerned with losing my footing there and twisting an ankle in the dark. That, or running into a pack of javelina's. As gwtw pointed out in a note, those little pigs are mean. I don't know if they'd bother me or not, and I am not really afraid of them, but neither am I stupid. They're wild animals and travel in packs. Most of 'em are the size of a small or medium-sized dog. There's normally at least one or two that's larger, though. If I go javelina-tipping, I don't want to be alone and on foot, thank you very much!

Lest you think I'm kidding, kids around here do indeed engage in javelina tipping. They normally do it with cars, though, creeping along. The intent isn't to hurt the animal, just tip 'em. Because if you go back and look at the picture, you'll notice that there are these little, itty-bitty short legs holding up a body shaped kind of like a bristle-haired and ugly sunfish.

Now imagine that sunfish tipped over on its side and trying to scramble back onto those short legs, flopping in the dirt.

Yeah - works about as well as you imagined!

Incidentally, I realized on that entry that I misspelled "javelina" but if I edited the title, all the comments for that entry went away, so I left it. Eh, my own fault for speling it wrong in the first place.

Boss bought me a combo printer/scanner/copier today, too, as promised. I suppose I should install the durned thing and see if it works. I hopefully can put it on the bottom shelf of my desk at home, unless it's just too wide. I'm going to take my scanner in for 00 to use at work, something she's needed for a while now. I WISH Boss would've bought me a combination machine like that for my desk at work. I have literally no space in my little cubby. (What, you thought I had an office??? HAHAHAHA!!! No, really, you thought I had an OFFICE??? I have more space in the little corner of my bedroom at home than I've got at work.) I use an antique 19" CRT monitor at the studios. I'm talking built circa 1991-92. You can imagine what Boss paid for a 19" color monitor in that time frame. I told Boss, though, that with the next incarnation of Windows, it will likely become unusable. Most older monitors won't work with XP. Forget Longhorn, once it comes out.

My next work-from-home project will be fun. Our music scheduler, for which we paid beaucoup bucks, is pure crap. No matter how many times you tell it to shuffle the music rotation, the same songs play at the same time every other day. A scheduler program should NEVER do that, particularly when you consider that we've got something like 1800 songs in our music library. (A typical radio rotation is nearer 800-900 songs.) Shuffling the music theoretically randomizes the songs. You might have one or two songs that are in the same place after a single shuffle, but most of them should be moved. When you shuffle 'em every third day and they STILL come up that way...

So now that I found an open source audio editor that is simple, efficient, and FREE, Boss has charged me with finding a comparable music scheduler. I can probably find the scheduler, but it might be more of a challenge to find one that will work with our traffic program. Then again, maybe I'll find a dual music-traffic program that will fix some of the problems we've had with this stuff ever since Boss bought it - which is probably a year or thereabouts before I got here this time around.

You never know. I've been surprised again and again at the programs that are available in open source. Some of them require at least rudimentary programming knowledge; some are actually simpler to use and more functional than the stuff you pay a small fortune to buy.

I'm hoping to have some photos to post by Monday. 00 and Pipeboy are going to a Halloween party, thrown by my daughter-in-law (oldest son's wife.) And 00 borrowed the digicam, so chances are she'll ask me to retrieve and edit the pictures for her. I'm hoping that they'll turn out well, though I wasn't overly thrilled with 00's choice of Halloween costumes. She decided to go as a Playboy Bunny, and Pipeboy as Hugh Hefner. Then again, I guess it's not as bad as the bikini she wore when they went to Florida this summer.

I'll also be interested in seeing what my daughter-in-law looks like. She's a tall (5'11") brunette whose hair is nearly to her waist. And at her idiot husband's urging, she dyed her gorgeous hair blond. Remind me to kick his butt next time I see him. This young woman could quite literally be a model. She's had offers to do precisely that, in fact. Oh, and since her hubby is my son, I'm entitled and quite capable of kicking his butt. I don't care if he's over 6' tall, I can still take him.

Oh well, all I say is 00 had better bring back some good photos, and my oldest son had better let her snap at least a couple of him. It's like pulling teeth to get him on camera, I swear.

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