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Friday, Nov. 26, 2004
Kid Stuff

I survived Thanksgiving. Sort of.

Oldest Son and his wife arrived last night, which meant rearranging sleeping arrangments at the last minute. I didn't know that they were coming early. I don't care - I rarely get to see my boys and this time around I got to see them both. My daughter-in-law is a jewel, so I'm always tickled to see her, and my youngest son's girlfriend is equally sweet. The girls have very different personalities, though. My youngest one's girlfriend is a complete crack-up, whereas my daughter-in-law is quieter in general.

But as a result of having the kids show up last night, I completely spaced off work, so as a result I had to go in at 4:30am and do the morning news real-time. (Well, more or less real-time. I ended up producing it in the morning instead of the night before.) After I got there, Boss also had me do a handful of other production tasks. They were all simple stuff - two 30-second commercials, plus downloading and splitting a program. The latter involves separating the pre-produced program into two segments and inserting local commercials between.

It's child's play for me, but Boss never has really gotten comfortable with using our newer digital audio editors. He still clings to one that's on an antique machine, one running Windows 3.11. I can understand the familiarity factor but I'm going to have to take a weekend and train him to use Audacity. I'm frankly more impressed with its simplicity than I am with the bells and whistles (not to mention the price tags) of Adobe Audition, Sound Forge, and the like. We've paid out thousands of dollars for pro software and Boss can't use them. The Open Source solution costs nothing and he didn't go catatonic when I walked him through it the first time. In fact, overall he's been happy enough with the Open Source stuff that he's sent me looking for all sorts of programs, most of which I've found with no problem.

Ack. I think we call that "going off on the mother of all tangents."

Since I went to bed last night on the order of 2am and got up at 4:30, when I came home (which was in a mercifully short period of time,) I crashed on the sofa again, slept until 11am. Now, I still had to make the potatoes, but didn't have to be there until 1pm and it's only a ten-minute drive across town. I figured even though I had to peel and cook 10lb of potatoes, two hours is plenty of time.

Well, it would have been plenty of time, except Youngest Daughter, she of huge cajones, first thing threw a shit-fit to go directly to her grandparents' house. I didn't bother trying to reason with her. It's a fact of life that you can't reason with someone who has no concern for anyone but themselves.

After hauling her to her grandparents' house, which took four times as long as it needed to do, suddenly I was down to less than ONE hour to make ten pounds of potatoes, make a batch of brownies, and haul everything across town. My daughter-in-law stayed with me and helped or I would've ended up just staying home and sleeping. She peeled potatoes while I stirred up the brownies and put them in the oven, then between us we managed to finish up everything else that had to be done. After one pause to change my shirt because my mixer threw a heavy frosting of mashed potatoes all over me, we finally got there 45 minutes late.

Mind you, the whole time we were making this stuff, Youngest Daughter and Oldest Son were phoning literally every five minutes to tell us to hurry up because everyone was waiting on us to eat.

Needless to say, it was a lie. Nobody waited for anyone, and by the time we got there, the ham was gone, the gravy was gone, and everything was cold. Youngest Daughter had the temerity to give me hell because we were late. I swear that child is going to die. Soon. I'm nominating my daughter-in-law for sainthood, not only for helping me, but also because she didn't kill either her husband (though I'd have gladly helped her if she'd wanted to) or my youngest daughter (where she'd have had to wait in line.)

After all of that, I hauled my butt back home, threw the remaining potatoes in the fridge, and crawled in bed, slept until after 11:30 tonight. I'm going back to bed shortly, too. Sleep deprivation isn't a pretty thing, and I've been doing it for entirely too long.

My granddaughter arrived today again, too. I barely saw her. She came in, deposited her sippy cup in my bathroom, and went off to spend the afternoon with her great-grandparents and other family members. While I love the child to death, as tired as I was today, I was glad she was gone. It probably was what saved her from being orphaned before the day was out.

YoungestAt left is a picture of my youngest son with his long-term girlfriend. I was surprised at how much he's grown up. The haircut's new and I approve. Last time I saw him, he was sporting a long pony tail! He's in college and also working full time as a manager of a video store, making more money than I do. His girlfriend is a student and I think she works too, though I'm less sure of that. I know she's from Guatemala, and that her mother makes Hispanic meals too hot for my son to eat (which takes some doing. I think sometimes that he teethed on jalapeños!)

Finally, I am posting the results to one of the more unusual quizzes I've taken. This one originates here on Diaryland, too! I borrowed it from fuzzmom, but the quiz originates with occipitalobe

All answers to this quiz must be in the form of Haiku. How well would you do? Here are my responses:
  1. How do you feel about Old Navy commercials?
      Stick figures dancing
      Skinny girls and skinny boys
      Cartoon wallet tease.

  2. Who makes the best french fries?
      Low carb is my life
      But Wendys has the best fries
      Soft and moist and hot

  3. How do you feel about skateboarders?
      Awesome athletes roll
      On tiny wheels, pavement sparks
      Oops! A broken arm

  4. What's the best band you've ever seen live?
      Sepia recall
      Al Stewart blew us all away
      The Year of the Cat

  5. What's the worst public bathroom you've ever been to?
      Flooded stalls run free
      Smell and sight conspire to gag
      Find another place!

  6. What's the best public bathroom you've ever been to?
      Quiet refuge cooling
      Marble floors and flowers fresh
      Fountain on the wall.

  7. Do you yell at pedestrians out of your car window?
      Those on foot are fine
      Unless they dart in traffic
      Then they hear my voice

  8. Do you give money to homeless people?
      Panhandlers irk me
      Proven liars make more cash
      Than I make all year

  9. Have you ever been on a blind date?
      No blind dates for me
      Known evils are bad enough
      Stay away from me!

  10. What's your favorite board game?
      Game of Life is so
      Sublimely funny sometimes
      I can't help but laugh

  11. What's the best gift you ever got for your religious holiday of choice?
      Christmas bow bright red
      Stuck atop a new spinet
      Gaping jaw all day

  12. What's your favorite strongbad email? (If you don't know what I'm talking about, then tell me about how you're chained to a radiator in the basement.)
      Virus Strongbad rocks
      Laughing in middle of night
      Going to read more!

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