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Sunday, Oct. 31, 2004
Last Call For Sleep

Grrr... it can't be the end of the weekend yet. I didn't get to sleep yet, or at least it doesn't feel like it.

Youngest Daughter is perpetually glued to the phone. I'm taking pretty darned close to 24/7. On the rare occasions when she takes a break, Boss calls, so guess I should probably be grateful at least for the reprieve from that. Sort of. I think until the kid moves out, I may have to invest in a separate phone line, one for ME. I figured since she broke up with her boyfriend, that would be the end of the interminable long-distance phone calls to Phoenix/Mesa. But noooooooo... (I'll say it again: THANK GOD FOR FLAT-RATE LONG DISTANCE!!!)

I might not even mind if you could get voice mail through the local telephone company, but I live in Podunk, remember? No voice mail available. I do have an answering machine now, thank goodness, but it's mine, and therefore useless unless said child is off the phone. Which is never.

I guess I'd better call the phone company tomorrow and at LEAST ask for call waiting. I still haven't quite figured out why the phone company can offer virtually all other options available in the metro areas, but can't manage voice mail. Oh well.

Maybe I should spring for a cell phone. I just hate paying $100+ a month for phone service, and if you add a cell into the mix it would be at LEAST that much. (Not even discussing the crummy reception in this area.) With Youngest Daughter and granddaughter here it already costs me as much for groceries in a week as it costs me for myself for a month. So I'm guessing that the cell phone ain't going to happen any time in the foreseeable future. Besides, my next priority is a vehicle. No more spending an extra penny TFN.

I did see a vehicle here locally for $800. Blowing off the $200 junker simply because I never heard from the guy again, so not holding my breath there. But at the moment I don't have the $800 to spend so I guess it's kind of a moot point. I'll get there eventually, I hope.

I have officially fallen in love with the new sofa and loveseat. While they're not my first choice for appearance, they're not bad, and they are so comfortable I don't even care. I'll probably actually drag my butt in to watch television more now, assuming I actually get a night off now and again. That night-off stuff is awfully unlikely for a while. Tomorrow night is my normal city council meeting to cover, and Tuesday is (dum-da-dum-dum!) ELECTIONS! My most favorite time of the...

Oh all right. I am imaginative but I'm a lousy liar even in writing. I'll never be so glad to see a day over and done with.

Just so you fully appreciate: the Kerry-Bush fights are only a part of the joy of politics for me. We also have a sheriff running for re-election, whose former second-in-command is running for county supervisor. They're not even running for the same office, and they're taking pot-shots at one another, each claiming that the other was responsible for a whole lot of fiasco in that department.

And at the state level, remember the three stooges... er, state legislators... with whom I had a run-in a few months ago? All three are running for re-election, sort of. Allow me to explain. The state speaker of the house and senate minority leader are among the three - and both have now expended their respective term limits. So what are they doing? They're trading jobs - senator running for the house, and house member running for senate.

Nothing like lawmakers who actually make a campaign brag about the fact that they're thumbing their noses at the law. Worse still, they will both be put right back into office. One is running unopposed, the other is in a best two-out-of-three race (i.e., three people running for two seats.) The third member of the unholy trinity MIGHT be unseated. I WISH he would. His competition is a smart, personable, articulate woman who proposes real changes, handled with intelligence and common sense.

Which means, of course, that she's doomed.

Ack... Now that I finished up the stuff I recorded for in the morning, I glanced at the clock on my computer. It's midnight again. Guess I'd better sign off and close my eyes and hope I can sleep. Might be my last chance until Wednesday night (or later)

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