Radiogurl a la Carte

Of Mice and Psychedelic Mushrooms

This is seriously weird - not sure why this site changed the dates but it DOES insist that it's March. Maybe one too many psychedlic mushrooms...

I'm still operating in a haze of home medication - no insurance and local doctors aren't anxious to take on new patients for any reason. Will try to get in tomorrow sometime if possible - Tuesday's out because it's election day. I'll be putting in marathon hours, because in addition to local coverage, I'm the local stringer for the Associated Press.

Ah the glamorous world of radio...

Dropped the kid in Phoenix tonight though so while I am still hurting at least I'm hurting quietly. I don't have to listen to techno 24-7. I *like* Techno to dance to, but not to sleep, eat, and bathe to.

Also got volunteered to do the web site for her on-again off-again bf's band. I volunteered to help them but didn't exactly plan to get umpteen revisions. Fortunately what they want is about one step away from zero brains and I could make it in my sleep.

And speaking of sleep, my bed is calling to me. Or maybe that's just the drugs. Either way I'm outta here.

Before - After

In the grander scheme of things, no soul can truly be replaced. Each one of us has a place in the universal tapestry. We each contribute our own color and texture. When one thread is snipped too soon, it distorts all the threads around it. Other lives can unravel and tear. If the wrong thread is ripped away, the whole fabric of life becomes dangerously fragile.
- LeiLani, aka Radiogurl aka Bright Opal (1957 - )